Amusement Park


Maybe life is just a theme park for our amusement?
The thrill cost to ride rides comes cheap with a discounted price that at first seems steep but then delusionally looks nice,
The theme park greeter makes us feel some kind of way,
Standing over us delivering comforting words so comforting we don’t even care what they say,
Their representation of presentation comes mesmerizingly pleasant with choreographed preparation with looks that suck us in and steal our soul with tickets punched and paid in full!

our time of illusion,
I mean amusement,
presumingly translucently seem too good to be true even,
flys by instantaneously like the blink of an eye,
There are no waiting in lines,
We don’t have to pay for any games played, we just play for free playing any game we want to play,
winning effortlessly never giving thought to such a blessed given type of day,
The roller coasters are majestically equipped to entertainingly grant any of our imaginative wishes,
Twisting and spinning,
turning and looping,
Reaching unwanted heights and dropping us into to speeds that tickle our insides until we are begging and pleading,
while laughing until we’re almost peeing,
Please no more!
It all seems amazing until turn number four,
It is a tunnel we have never seen before…

Darkness epitomizes that of a dark pit filled with screaming lost souls,
Reaching for flesh to scrape, scratch, and tear!
Now we’re exhilarating strapped in our box car down the tracks of a soulless soul filled dark tunnel now soul searching for our own soul but realize before we blinked we didn’t even care!
It is now flickering all around us like a strobe light casting reflective demonic self stares!
Screams and cries of souls lost in the same tunnel of darkness that once knew life but now are stuck there!
The sounds are so violently loud we reach to cover our ears but see our eyes have now began to hear!
Our eyes our now shut but hearing and seeing everything we have ever done sinfully unwillingly!
Our ears are covered but see internally the depths of hell that have tunnelized our vision descriptively, depicting each thought ever thought that was fearfully suffocated by someone else’s imagery!
Our insides crawl and scream!

Our roller coaster slows…

The tunnel seems to have an ending with light…
As the light seems to be getting closer our box car thinks as if it has it’s own mind!
Creating an alternate ending sending us plummeting out of the tunnel into our past lost memories!

Now we are floating…

Picking apart fear driven fictional facts that have hindered Life, Mind, Truth, and Love,
all which have separately been built on the same self made faith tracks that lead…
up above

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