I feel like I’m,
Somewhat of a,
Different breed.
Not above anyone,
I don’t have;
An ego to feed.
I’m just an old soul,
Trapped in a young seed.
Where you drip red,
Is what I bleed.
Not for material things,
I lust for love,
Most definitely, indeed.
You may say;
That I want to be loved,
But I promise,
It’s something that I need.
This world moves so fast,
It’s the only thing that,
Could slow down the speed.
In my world bound by chains,
I’m praying to be freed,
But the devil always tempting me,
Like a helpless sinner,
In the garden of Eve.
There’s hope for me I believe,
If I can make my way,
Through the hell I perceive.
To find pleasure,
You must first grieve.
Twenty two years in and,
I’m still trying to tame,
My pet peeves.
Changing like the leaves,
Blowing in the breeze.
Mind jingling like keys,
Attention span shorter than,
A new born baby’s.
On the corner of unstable,
And ultimately crazy.
Bones growing quite lazy,
Nothing in my life,
Seems to be phasing,
My inner passion,
So I remain stargazing.
But the stars in my sky,
Turn to ashes as my flesh,
Begins blazing.
Time is fading away,
As I sleep to dream better things,
Instead of creating, contemplating.
Often doubt myself,
As I begin debating my,
Own existence.
Stressfully juggling,
All my commitments,
But I keep;
Dropping them,
With consistency.
Always kept my heart,
On the front line,
Of infantry.
Taking enemy fire,
Gushing blood internally.
Walking hand in hand,
With misery for eternity,
Fell for her tricks,
Almost purposely,
Draining my love,
For it’s currency.
I bought into the lies,
But could not afford,
The learner’s fee.
These are just some,
That I keep for,
That old flame.
Got caught up in,
The blame game,
Such a shame.
A wild heart,
That could not,
Be tamed.
The passion left,
Before it ever came.
I was too busy,
To acknowledge,
My everlasting pain.
For lovers fame.
Not for wealth,
Not for a glorified name,
But for a healthy brain,
Filled with happiness,
To help me further sustain,
My life’s quality.
I must realize that,
Life’s too short,
To live a constant apology.
No one understands that,
My mind is a space oddity,
Drifting through,
A universal oddessy,
Humbleness & modesty.
In a world of lust,
My heart yearns for,
I think something,
May be wrong with,
My geometry.
It’s so astonishing,
How I do these things,
To myself unconsciously.
I’m such an anomaly..
Been living with pain,
I’ve got memories,
Continuously haunting me,
Sized up monstrously,
That could use,
A quick lobotomy.
Thoughts moving at speeds,
My problems are before me,
But I can’t put my finger on it,
Like gynaecology.
Why do I handle things,
So irresponsibly?
Wtf is wrong with me…

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