Dig Two Graves…

I believe when we are done wrong, we often wish to seek some sort of revenge. Whether we dish it back to that same person, or inflict it onto someone undeserving. Revenge though, it’s just not worth it. You only kill the innocence of your soul in the process. If you stoop down to their level, then their victory is only that much sweeter, because they led you towards losing yourself. Reflect kindness back instead. That is in fact, the best revenge. Show them you’re doing fine, show them you don’t need their validation to operate within this world. If you are unphased by their actions, then the victory is all yours. The idea of pain is in the mind. If someone cheated on you, this only hurts because you think it hurts. Remove the idea from your mind and you will feel nothing. Is this easy to do? Hell no. But.. it’s just about the only positive way you’re making it through that feeling without suffering some. If someone betrayed your trust, whether they told your secrets, talked unkindly about you behind your back, or even just straight threw you under the bus, you can still heal from these things, if you allow your mind to do so. These issues we face, often attack our ego’s directly, so in turn we get spiteful because we feel like our worth as a person has been compromised. But really it hasn’t, you just care too much about your pride & reputation. Cut these off, focus on your character, and you’ll find that holding onto anger only sets you back mentally & spiritually. Let go of that petty idea of revenge, you’re only digging yourself a deeper grave.

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