The sphere

Look where we are

A planet full of empty arms.

We throw trash on the streets

Hoping someone else picks up all the piece.

This isn’t fair

This isn’t even sweet

The rock your standing on

Right beneath your feet

Is the only one who gave you all the food to eat.

It gave you clothes to wear

A bed to sleep

And we treat it like it’s a piece of meat.

It’s the only planet with air to breathe

So we can live our lives to the most extreme.

It has a heart

Bigger than anyone will ever see

It’s the one and only place for the everlasting dreams.

We’re so worried about money and wars

And forget all about the real problem in store.

Our planet is dying

And it’s such a shame

Grows weak by the moment

Because we don’t want to change.

Take a look around at everything you see

It came from this world that’s now starting to bleed.

We need to do something

That will create a chain

With everyone else who feels this pain.

This planet, this world

This place we call Earth,

It’s all our home

And right now it’s really hurt.

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