I can feel the gravity,
Drilling my heart,
Like a cavity.
My moods switch,
Mind overworked,
Like a factory,
Dreaming of visions,
Crafted so graphically.
Melancholy moments,
But I live so happily,
Love actually,
Bleeding my soul,
Into this rhapsody,
Gotta feel;
The catastrophe,
To reach the epitome,
Of time spent lavishly,
Turned failure to success,
With my tricks so magically,
Life is what you make it,
I promise it’s all about strategy.
Piercing my mentality,
But I keep on moving,
We all know agony,
Can lead to apathy but,
That lifestyle just a travesty,
Can’t climb the ladder aristocratically.
Best believe I got the audacity,
To deconstruct this twisted reality,
With such brutality.
Welcome to the academy,
This right here;
Isn’t even my full capacity,
Telling stories so elaborately,
Using my vocab grammatically,
Speaking of moments,
I remembered tragically.
Watching God’s children,
Go from baptistry to blasphemy.
From mint condition to,
Broken packaging.
You can’t get this far,
Without practicing.
There ain’t no factoring,
This numerator.
The verbal debater,
For the lyrical saviors,
There’s many of us,
Assorted by multiple flavors,
But I am the administrator,
Bringing the unconscious,
Back to life like a defibrillator.
They want me to be,
The illustrator & the educator,
The navigator & the flight simulator,
Get your mind moving,
Like I was a particle accelerator.
Why do all the spectators,
Wanna be speculators?
These kids out here got brains,
Full of craters,
Asking for favors,
Instead of calculating,
The calculators,
To recognize these,
Destructive behaviors.
We live in a world,
That lacks demonstrators,
Instead we’re a generation,
Of procrastinators.
Too lazy for the stairs,
Chilling on the escalators,
Riding elevators,
Thoughts swaying,
On the oscillator.
Temptation is a game,
And we are the players,
Every opponent,
Seems like a traitor,
Tell me lord;
Whatever happened,
To love thy neighbor?
Whatever happened,
To the love at all?
The merry goes round,
And then we fall.
Can’t learn to walk,
Until you crawl.
Words are weapons,
Better watch your jaw.
In a world at large,
You can feel so small,
Heaven is just one,
Telephone call away,
When your mind is a prison,
And you’re;
Staring at the cell wall.
Open & exposed,
Like you’re in a sprawl.
Split limb from limb,
By a hacksaw,
But when life kicks,
You around;
Never go down,
Without a brawl.
If you must bleed,
Then spray your blood,
Like paintball.
Because there’s beauty,
Hidden within your flaws.

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