No goodnight,
For this insomniac.
I try to dream,
But my lack of sleep,
Has got me out of whack.
The light of heart,
Is slowly dimming dark,
These nightmares are turning,
My visions black.
I’ve lost my mind,
Swimming through,
The complex of time,
Of hours I’ll never get back.

Unconsciously asleep,
But my minds awake.
Staring at the clock,
Hours tick away.
Created by;
He who is almighty,
But the devil’s,
Got his hands in the clay.
I was born for greatness,
But I’m;
Dying within dismay.
Two hands I pray,
For these dark days,
To catch some sun rays.
Is it because,
I don’t go to church,
On Sundays?
Is that the righteous way,
To make my sins seem okay?
The horse don’t get no hay,
If he don’t obey.
Breathe in the medicine,
No nasal spray,
It’s in the airwaves,
Slowly dropping us,
Into our graves.
Means to be saved,
Too bad it’s engraved,
Within the mind frame,
Never truly seen beyond,
The interior walls of my brain.
Doctor gave me something,
To sleep through the pain,
Trying not to reciprocate Cobain.
Insomnia pumps through the vein,
Trying not to collapse in vain,
But perfect sanity,
Is impossible to maintain.
I’ve just been dreaming,
Of the same damn thang,
Left my head to hang,
Words unspoken,
That my heart sang,
The sorrow sank,
Deep like a wolf fang.
Spaced out;
As the phone rang.
Debating on;
Popping this clip,
And let my head bang.
Well gosh dang,
Insomniac be the name.
Distracted by lights,
Like a junkie to a flame.
Hell I’d probably be the one,
To find fame in shame,
If the audience ever came.

I get no dreams,
I usually scroll memes,
Open eyes;
Silence the screams.
Conscience lost,
Somewhere in between,
The ever changing future,
That recycled routine.
These nightmares obscene,
Swimming through,
Translucent dreams,
Blazing in the fields,
Of evergreen.
Thought I knew,
Everything; Nope,
Not even close.
These just delusions,
From the insomnia,
I suppose.
Feet deep in cold water,
Standing still with frozen toes,
No sleep tonight,
Oh where will my thoughts go?
My peace of mind is slipping,
Drifting slow;
To descents far below.
Brain on the fritz,
While my body is comatose.
Strung out on ambien,
As I;
Depart the ghost,
Of all things that,
I feared most.
At the age,
Of seventeen,
I was misdiagnosed.
They said I’ll be fine,
But that decision there,
Turned my roast to toast.
They said slow my roll,
But I’ve got that fast life,
Cruising on coast.
Insomnia needed a host,
Now my head bangin’,
This bedpost.


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