Me with Myself

I cannot close my eyes

The darkness caving in

A burning soul fights

A Body full of sin

Giving up on life

Life that was never there

Gone like a flash

Deep with the wind

Memories come from the hole that’s within.

My brain the root of the storm

Keeping my existence long and worn

The seats in my head empty and bare

Filled with regret that was ever so unfair

Looking towards the ground

Reaching for the sky

Inside my head play the lullaby

Tears running down my face

Reliving a life filled with so many mistakes

Seeking them from an unknown place

A place that’s already forgotten.

The clouds a hang above my head

Pounding each thought in my mind

Keeping my eyes half open

And my heart halfway crushed

The voices inside crying to come out

Blocked by the sadness one has only felt.

The pain untouched and untold

Wrote with the hand of a lost soul

Seeking closure to be sold

A mindset like no other.

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