Time Is Ticking…

We’re running out of time… Or are we? Time; It’s quite the prison, is it not? Maybe we have too much of it, maybe not enough? We go though life, making & scheduling plans, filling gaps of “time” to keep us organized. Unscheduled time is quite uncomfortable, sometimes you don’t know what to do with yourself. Maybe you flip on the TV? Scroll through social media? But do you ever think, maybe unscheduled time is a good thing? Imagine all the things that could be accomplished if time was no longer a factor? All the places you could visit, all the people you could meet, all the things that could learn, just imagine. But we can’t do these things can we? We just don’t have the time.. yet when we do get the time, we’re either trying to unwind, or trying to preoccupy. So why don’t we have the time? Maybe you have a shift at work, 8+ hrs a day 40+ hours a week. Maybe you are studying for all your exams just trying not to fail class. Maybe you have a family, children and a wife/husband to provide for. Perhaps, you are trying to do all 3. We can’t necessarily avoid these things though, not in today’s society. This society is completely built around time. Everything must be done within time, although time does not actually exist? There’s no scientific proof that it exists. All we know is that we are spinning on this Earth, growing and changing, evolving. I’m not suggesting that we quit college, quit our jobs, quit our responsibilities, although it’d be nice too? But money is the motive. We sell our “time” in exchange for money or opportunities, just to make a living in this day & age. A “day & age” that also does not exist. We organize life to benefit the idea that it does though. We think we are doing ourselves justice, but we’re only feeding into the fear that time will one day run out, that we will fall apart without it. We’ve become dependant on a clock because every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, & year; We are aging, losing time until death. It is true that we will die one day, that so called “time” will run out. But time is not the factor, because the soul does not die & the soul is what is truly alive, our body (cage) that contains the soul just happens to wear out sometimes. But we will continue, in flesh or not, with or without time. All I am stating is, do not deprive your life based upon time. Time only ticks, because we allow it to do so.

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