With the environment,
Influence forms you whole.
With the environment,
As it consumes your soul.
With the environment,
Things fall apart when,
They don’t play their role.
Ignore if you like,
But; In this world,
You must be,

Where ya at mom?
Where ya at dad?
Don’t you even care,
About your little lad?
I can see it,
I know you’re sad.
Stressing over things,
That you wish you had.
I wish life wasn’t so bad,
But you always leave me alone,
And that makes me so mad.
I’ve just been tallying marks,
On my notepad,
Watching all the problems add up.
These cycles got us all wrapped up,
Like a do-rag.
Tell me; Who am I gonna be:
Another drug addict or a college grad?
Will I fall in a pit of lies to my demise,
Or will I finally make you glad,
That I’m your child?
Letting the environment raise me,
Will only turn me wild.
Never showing support will only,
Leave me enraged & riled.
Where were you when my,
Emotions were turning,
Like new york subway turnstiles?
Now I’ve got a cabinet full of issues,
Like The X Files.
Another shredded cloth,
Woven within the textiles,
I just want someone,
To make me feel worth while,
Cause all this neglect,
Will lead to my exile.
I can feel God putting me to the test,
But I’m not sure,
That I’ll be able to stand trial.
I am now the embodiment of,
My surroundings.
Overwhelmed by the,
Constant abuse & poundings.
I see 5 empty liquor bottles,
On the floor while you’re on,
Number 6 & counting.
Soon enough I’ll be amounting,
To nothing more than what I see,
The devastating realities,
Of parents who have become casualties,
To a system built by technicalities.
All my life I’ve been,
Surrounded by abnormalities.
And I realize your parents may have,
Treated you this way.
They may have been,
Too high, too drunk, or absorbed,
To care how you behaved.
And in turn;
You have have become a slave,
To the hatred engraved,
Within the family crest of decay.
But that doesn’t mean,
You had to play along and,
Act like all this was okay.
You could have stepped up,
And made the change.
Paved a better future for,
Your offspring of today.
Just be good parents,
That’s all I really have to say.

Dear peers,
Don’t pressure me,
I can’t resist,
Temptation with ease.
In fact I freeze,
Within the chilling degrees,
Of the subliminal breeze.
I wanna be accepted,
Don’t want you to leave,
Do you mind if I,
Tag along on the sleeve?
Took a second to breathe.
It’s in the way I perceive,
That’s the mentality,
I wish to retrieve.
The reality surrounding,
I’m trying my best,
To achieve;
But the spiders are,
Starting to weave webs.
Skip pebbs with the rebs,
Watching life unthread.
I wanna feast;
But the government,
Keeps breaking my bread.
These thoughts,
Keep taking shots at my head.
I think today;
I might just stay in bed.
Disengage the madness,
Before I wind up dead.
See the scars,
Of wounds that once bled.
I had a tendency,
To swallow up the meds,
With that glass of tap water,
Mixed with zinc & lead.
They’re killing us anyways,
The choices you choose,
Are merely force fed.
It’s lawless;
When the rules shred,
Who out there,
Will let their light shed?
Who out there,
Will speak up when,
These things need,
To be said?
Tell me;
Tell me who,
Cause’ I wanna know,
Who’s gonna save you,
From this life,
When the night’s through.
I’ve freed my mentality,
But most people can’t do,
What I do;
With their own free will.
The guts spill;
When the cup of,
Temptation overfills.
Internalized feelings,
That kill;
But at least there’s,
A specific type of pill,
Just for that.
This environment,
Has set us way back.

This is about bad parents/friends in general, not my parents. Friends maybe, but my parents did fine. I’m just speaking through a different perspective than my own, somewhat.

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