You are now working,
For Industry Inc.
Get back to work,
We don’t;
Pay you to think!
Got you;
Wrapped around,
Our finger; Via,
Bank account link.
The 99% in sync,
Clocking overtime,
Stay above the brink,
Of financial extinction,
Watch as your life,
Passes you by in a blink,
With a wink.
Too broken to break out,
How bout’ another drink??

Doing that tough labor,
Until you destroy your spine,
You see the doctor,
He tell you take these,
And you’ll be fine.
Popping prescriptions,
Cause’ you can’t afford to realign.
Don’t tell me that,
I’m the only one here who,
Can see the shifting paradigm?
We trade common sense,
For dollar signs.
Somehow we find,
In being colorblind.
We dig the coal,
Just to be undermined,
Working long shifts,
Through the summer time.
Lotta folk with nothing to find,
Some are mean, some are kind.
Usually nothing better,
To do than listen through,
The grapevine;
Pointless conversation,
We drink it up like wine.
Sacrifice the grind,
Only to fall behind.
Discouraged integrity,
Once you’ve lost,
The will for longevity,
You’ve pretty much lost,
The will for everything.

Low income,
Working for minimum wage.
Fighting for every dollar,
Just a blue collar,
Industry slave.
What happened to those dreams?
Those multi-million dollar scheme’s?
You sold them for a quick buck,
Hoping hard work would,
Change your luck,
But now you’re stuck,
At a dead end job.
Makin’ money,
Although under the table,
You’re getting robbed.
You’re used to it though,
Just another story to sob.
Trying to start up,
That broke down car,
Sitting in your garage.
Telling yourself it’ll get better,
Consistently living in the mirage,
Of fantasies that’ll never come true.
Anything is possible but,
You’re never willing to follow through.
Always waiting for someone,
To give you the cue,
But you can’t unstrap the vest,
From your chest,
And expect to be bulletproof.
This defective system,
Has restricted your view.
Wanted to go to college,
But your parents didn’t,
Save enough for you.
Had no one;
To share the clues.
You could’ve done more,
But you live the life that you choose.
Money is everything,
In a world so broke.
To be honest,
This economy is a joke.
I’ve seen poverty,
Ruin some good folk.
While douchebags,
Blow wads of cash on coke,
Frying their brains,
Into egg yolks,
Just the cold water of truth,
Now let that soak.
Tired of getting choke slammed,
By Uncle Sam;
Being made into the governments,
Sacrificial lamb,
Destined to be damned.
Wish things could be,
As simple as green eggs & ham.
Wanna ask why,
A man is smoking cheap grams?
You can’t devalue his worth,
With an operational scam,
Placing money in his hands,
You’re going to get it right back,
Because his credits in a jam.
Feeling crushed by,
Life long debts.
Couldn’t hit the ground running,
So he lives with life long regrets.
Lying in bed at night,
Mind moving like high speed jets.
The move he must make next.
He wants more but,
He’s got a family to protect.
If this world was perfect,
Then you could follow your soul,
And scream screw a paycheck!
Until then;
We’ll just remain a speck,
On societies radar,
As they continue to collect,
Their funds.
Taxes paying for drugs & guns,
CIA pumps illicit substances,
Into the veins & lungs,
Of the young.
It’s these little crumbs,
We overlook,
As our world gets,
Slowly over took,
By capital crooks.
Tempting us,
To watch the television,
Instead of studying books.
We’re just fish in the sea,
While they sit on their boats,
With bait & hooks,
To strip us of our gills,
And let us overcook in the fire.
The truth will shock you,
Like a hot wire.
Remember these words,
When looking into the eyes,
Of these deceitful liars.
I hope I’m not just talking to myself,
Because I’ve been preaching to the choir.
I just wanna give something,
Anything to inspire,
Changes within this broken system,
That’s been sinking in the quagmire.

In the gears,
Of the ever turning,
Pollution fills the lungs,
With oxygen unclean.
The rich are too cheap,
To afford going green.
Underpaid workers,
Trying to get by,
On a lower means.
Slacked off as a teen,
Now you gotta work,
Double time;
Just to achieve,
Your dreams.
Life is only;
What you make it,
It’s never;
What it seemed.

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