Meet Me

Meet me along the cliff side

Where birds sing to block out your sighs.

Meet me along the mountains edge

Where you belong to the universe,

And not stuck in your own head.

Meet me where all the sound begins to disappear

And the body of void transcends your unknown fears.

Meet me in this life full of light and diamonds

And help me with my unforgiven try agains.

Meet at the top of creation

Where your body transforms without hesitation.

Meet me my loves and let’s try this over again.

Where the river runs straight through the ocean

And together we flow without all the unneeded commotion.

Where the power of love carries us through

And we believe that together as one is better than two.

These places I described are more than those crazy vibes,

It’s the world we live in

Blocked out by the society’s gross way of livin.

Meet me alive and meet me breathing

Holding hands with everyone who’s ever been beaten.

Meet me here and meet me now

Meet me until all the last days fall out.

There’s no giving up and there’s no giving in

A message from the heart who’s beating again.

A sticky icky mess life can sometimes be.

But when we’re united the negative can no longer see.

So meet me

And just believe

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