The True Acceptance…

Acceptance is the word. Acceptance is the truth. Ponder this: People move through life searching for acceptance. They’re searching for the wrong acceptance though. The acceptance you need, you will never find out within the world, but in fact will be found within yourself. It is within your mind and soul that the true acceptance can be found. People search for acceptance from others, to determine their own value/worth. Whether it’s acceptance from friends, lovers, peers, idols, loan holders, colleges, jobs, ect. Yeah, we all want friends, to be loved, people to like and respect us, we want houses, cars, schooling, money, and jobs. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things, these help us move through life successfully. But the thing is, is that people search way to hard for these acceptances that they neglect the acceptance they needed all along. If someone doesn’t like you, you get sad, you feel worthless, but why? You have determined someone’s value as being higher than yours, when in fact that’s not true. Life is not about status, you are no more or no less than any human being on Earth. Screw money, screw titles, screw appearance, these things mean nothing within the eyes of the creator who made us all equally. Someone may have better skills in some aspects of life, but you have better aspects in other parts of life that they don’t. These things do not define us, so stop letting them define you. The true value of a person is how much you love yourself. How much you feel you are worth, you live your life and make your own choices in the end, no one else can dictate that for you because at the end of the day they can walk away and you’re the one left dealing with the issues from the choices you’ve made.
Another type of acceptance we need to consider is: Forgiveness. Forgiveness will set you free from your broken mentality, that has been placed upon you by another individual, who in turn has downgraded your worth. People cheat all the time, and this can be devastating to the partner who is left to feel the pain. They get so low thinking everything was their fault, that they weren’t good enough, that they weren’t able to do everything in their power to keep the one they loved most happy. This is not true, you will always be good enough! Someone cheated on you because they were not happy with themselves and their life. It is not your duty to keep anyone else happy but yourself. People often use lust to fuel their desire for love beyond what they already have. Sometimes the love isn’t always best, but at all ends it boils down to unhappiness. To those who have been cheated on, there is nothing wrong with you, you have an immense worth beyond what others allow you to feel. You matter, your happiness matters, and they were too selfish to see that. Don’t let someone cheating on you break you, in fact; forgive them. You don’t have to physically tell them you forgive them, but instead forgive them within your soul. Accept what cannot be undone. Accept that they lost their way, that they have made a mistake. This doesn’t mean take them back, because you still deserve better, but just no longer hold resentment for them. Be able to look them in the face, smile, and carry on with your day. Acceptance within yourself, will forever set you free and allow you to feel the love you deserve, and that love is a love for yourself. That right there is true value, true worth. The true acceptance of a better mentality and life will save you from self destruction.

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