A message to the Traditional Masculine Male.
Do you think that because you don’t cry or weep you are strong?
When I see your blank stare into her eyes while she pours her heart out,
When I see your vacant expression during the moment she says I love you.
When I see you logically breaking down the steps it took for her to feel this way,
I say, I will never understand your mind
Because emotion isn’t logical, it has no fundamental equation that always equates to the same outcome.
While you are trying to bridge the gap between your synapses that doesn’t allow you to break character.
I will already be right next to her, crying the same.
To the masculine male that is shaming me for being weak.
No! I am strong for being in touch with a deeper part of myself and not letting go regardless of the hurt.
I am strong for appreciating my heart and the beating of it in the cold aftermath of her embrace
I am debilitated by the depth of feeling to which I am no prisoner like you are to your vision of what a man should be.
Pretending to be invincible, makes you, the inconceivable, unrelatable, inconsolable, desperately weak minded individual that I feel sorry for.
But if for a single moment you let go of that heavy pride weighing on your shoulders,
Those preconceived notions that you are not supposed to feel as deeply as they are,
That ludicrous disposition that you are strong for not feeling!
You may actually free yourself some day!
To all my emotional friends,
I am so very proud of you,
The lessons that allowing pain in your life has taught you
The strength you show by still allowing yourself to feel as deeply as a chasm 30 leagues under the sea
For being offended at how they portray the ideal person to be,
For being able to touch someone, and feel their skin raise with pinpricks of nervousness and affection,
To not giving in!
For crying your eyes out in the middle of the park while passerby just stare as they walk past unaffected,
Thinking to themselves that it’s embarassing and unbecoming to weep in public.
I find it unbecoming and disgusting how none of them would even take a second out of their way to even ask what was wrong.
I ask them, Are you so disconnected with the world that even when you see a tree burning down you don’t want to try and keep it alive?
Are you so self centered and concerned with yourself that you’re afraid they will bring you down to an equal level?
Are you so afraid of understanding because you might actually find touch with how deeply you could feel and it would give rise to all of the tattered memories and bring about the second coming of your emotional christ and you wouldn’t recover?
You are scared, shaking in your boots, trembling in your skin to let one flit of pain show on your face!
To the messy, snot faced, sobbing, ugly crying, person, in the middle of the mall
I like many others would gladly come cry with you, so that you didn’t have to be alone in your sorrow while everyone else passes by
We are compassion.

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