Resist… (with Navi & Explicit)
— Explicit —
Put a fist up,
Against resistance.
Show the world,
You got consistence.
Handle your own,
No assistance,
Surviving this life,
Depends on your,
Opportunities knockin’,
Come on;
You wouldn’t want,
To miss this.

Just a nation,
In procrastination.
To kill the time like,
Literally in your palms,
This is no exaggeration.
When you’ve got passion,
If you want my confirmation,
We should reach,
For the stars; Our very own,
Too many quiet conversations,
Silenced observations,
About topics worth the patience.
Gotta practice;
To strengthen your,
Will & dedication,
I mean really;
Why is you hesitatin’?
Don’t you feel,
The resistance inseminatin’?
Remember that little voice,
Within your head commentatin’?
The one telling you,
That you’re just not relatin’,
To these;
Current pressing situations,
But you stick with them,
Because you’re tired of facin’,
A lifetime of,
Awkward confrontations.
It’s easier to just deal,
To undergo transformations,
Reset previous calibrations,
Been addicted,
To them celebrations.
Body snatched by,
The invasion of,
And persuasion,
Like condensation,
We create our,
Own complications.
There’s only,
One way out and,
It ain’t from exoneration.
— NAVI —
Hello hi,
I’m resistance.
You better,
Keep your distance.
I’m like your mistress,
I can be vicious,
Kneel to my brilliance.
I’ll stop you from makin’,
Millions; Billions,
I’m a real big villain,
I’ll stop you from buildin’,
You’ll be living in prison.
*Now listen children,
You better start yielding.
Don’t live your whole life,
Better start revealing,
And what’s a better time,
Than now. *

It’s Midnight,
Staring at a blank,
Piece of paper.
Resistance lingers,
This is a splinter,
That makes my brain wither.
Then I become bitter,
All I wanna do is get the picture.
So I lean to the weed or the liquor,
Like it will get me richer, quicker?
This isn’t what I pictured.
Then the magic comes to me,
Like a wizard,
Writing scriptures.
Magic at the finger tips,
I’m writing away conflicts.
I’ll admit now I cannot resist,
The words roll right off my lips,
Almost as if it were a kiss.
Finally I find bliss,
Not giving into resistance.

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