To a conclusion,
I’ve come.
Living in an illusion,
That’s coming undone.
Between impossibility,
Clarity my mind runs.
The pains I know,
Weigh tons & tons,
To expand my lungs,
Inhale the universe,
To become one,
Because when you,
Add them together,
I manipulate the sum,
This just rule of thumb.

Feel the clarity,
I go numb.
Frozen in time,
With cold tongue.
Stitches of my mind,
Come undone.
Can you hear me?
Someone; Anyone,
I looked around,
And saw none.
For some time now,
I’ve been on the run,
I could accept it now,
Or hack it up like,
Smokers lung.
Wait; Ain’t that the,
Same rope I’ve hung,
From before?
Nahh; I’m quite sure,
There’s better things,
In store.
Good & evil wages,
For my soul,
In an endless bidding war.
Through the cracks,
I melt;
Sinking beneath the floor.
Smushed like a s’more,
Between reality and,
What I’ve been dreaming for.
Could I get that, or even more?
You see;
They just want galore,
Faker than contour,
On point;
But still dishonored.
We all must still,
Move on forward.
Don’t let yourself,
Get cornered,
By death & the coroner.
Been on the outside,
Looking in;
Like a foreigner.
Rebellious attitude,
Just trying;
To create some order,
In this crazy time,
Take the knowledge I have,
And redefine,
What it means to,
Be deep within ones mind.
So clinically unstable,
I shift the paradigm,
Tell me;
Can you climb?
My clarity;
Is just insanity,
Silver lined.

You are now approaching,
Uncharted territory.
These years;
Have passed down,
Some scary stories.
I’ve been living with hell,
Right before me.
Don’t really;
Care much for similar,
Those types tend to bore me.
There’s too many actors,
Not enough improv performing.
I’d swim with my fantasies,
Like they were chlorine,
So stay clear when,
This brain gets to storming,
Listen as I clarify this forewarning.
Sometimes life,
Won’t give you mourning.
So instead;
Within my head,
The rain kept pouring,
As the drops kept,
Crashing down,
I rest these bones,
At the burial ground.
Morbid but it’s here,
I feel safe & sound.
You can search,
For centuries but,
Every answer;
You want won’t,
Always be found,
Even with;
The nose of a hound.
Just be yourself,
Cause’ karma comes,
Back around.
For too long;
Temptation has kept,
Us spellbound,
With magic & mayhem.
Kneeling for AMEN,
Looking for blessings,
Like you’re expelling phlegm.
Wilted flower stem,
With the;
Purest heart condemned.
I’ll keep to the truth,
As the rest of the world,
Plays pretend.

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