I’ve been;
Feelin’ like a fool,
Head spinnin’ like a spool.
You had me;
Thinking I was cool.
So now I’m just,
Sittin’ at this barstool,
How many times,
I’mma have to start again.
Will the search,
Ever end?

The stake called mistake,
Impaling in my head,
Is more than I can take.
It’s giving me an ache,
That I just can’t shake.
Simultaneous nightmares,
Been keeping me awake.
Your feelings;
Were they fake?
Calling it truth,
Was just another lie.
How could you,
Look me up in the eye,
And cut my wings,
As I fly;
Crash down,
Just to die.
Must be a spy,
Who sent you?
Watch me turn blue,
Cameras on queue.
I’m good at making,
A drink or two,
Turn into quite a few,
Pourin’ up;
That strange brew.
Who knew;
A collapse like this,
Would undo;
Moments that I grew.
Hard to have;
A masterpiece when,
Arthritis was in,
The hand that drew,
Every clue;
I phased through.
Felt like I slipped,
Into this world,
Like a wrong shoe,
Look at how far,
This fool flew,
Harness false facts,
Believe until they true.
I’m delusional; So,
What’s new?
Or is it the same old trap?
Flippin’ dirt like a mud flap,
Full contact back slap,
Confidence unconscious,
Like a mid day brief nap.
Thought I was ahead,
Turns out;
I’m actually down a lap.
No; No; No,
How could this happen?
Belt buckled,
But I could never fasten.
What good’s the heart when,
You killed the passion?
Titan’s clashin’; For my,
Peace of mind’s last ration.
Looking back on time,
The seconds ashin’.
Checks cashin’;
Some follow fashion,
Trends are not,
Where I find traction.
In a whole world,
This fool;
Makes up a fraction.
Someone’s testing me,
Just hoping to get a reaction.

As I put flames,
To your photographs.
I watch the film burn,
While you smile & laugh.
All my favorite memories,
Of you turn to ash,
As any hopes of resurrection,
Slips my grasp.
If you can’t change the storm,
Then embrace the storm,
So I seek solace,
Within the aftermath.
Should I start new,
Or chase the same path?
I lust for love,
Until I feel the wrath,
My prideful good,
Too lazy to ask.
I hunger for something,
I cannot gasp,
I see you breathing it,
Nope; Gimme that.
Step on me;
I’m the welcome mat,
It’s you again,
Welcome back.
Watch me trip,
Back into;
That same trap.
I’m like;
The car still going,
But rolling on flats.
I know I got issues,
I wear em’ like tats.
Just a fool basking,
In a liquid fire bath,
Of brewing mistakes,
Within the vat.

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