Remembering the tangled smiles

Of devils past,

Blown away by the venomous injections.

Clarity regains prosperity

And the shadow clears the sky.

The sharp snap,

Opened the foggy doorway into pure bliss.

A mission into a deep self oblivion.

A needed cause,

Turns to entirety of lifeless journeys.

This is only the start,

Soon uncovering the secrets will cause one to gain total control.

Control of self

Control of others

Control of all.

The levels were consecutively flowing through,

I see them now

Clear as day- crystal,

Almost as if the fog was never there.

Knowing loneliness is the underlining of man-made logic

Much like what we find ourselves dealing with.

Our cards hold what our hands cannot,

Counteracting motions made by previous bodies

Measured by the existing energy within.

Balancing on that thin line

Riding in between humanity and decomposition

Just another level deeper.

A abundant of infinite wonders

Deciphering the codes living in our head.

Grow internal strength to travel far as the soul can feel.

We are a united unknown flow

Cruising through the gaps of internal sums,

We are one.

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