I enjoy the comfort,
That you give me,
I just love the way,
You make me feel.
Not in a physical way but,
The way;
You make my spirit heal.
I don’t know,
What it is about you,
I can’t tell if the devil is,
Trying to make me sign,
Some sort of deal.
What’s the chances I’d find you,
Was it the luck of the spinning wheel?
This could be my illusion,
Just give me the sense that,
This right here is real.
My heart is made of solid armor,
But somehow;
You found a way to pierce the steel.
I promise;
That I want you badly,
It’s not love but,
I’m infatuated madly,
I could be decieving myself.
And if I get rejected,
I’ll kindly sit myself back,
On the shelf.
I’ll wait for another chance,
Whether from you,
Or from someone else.
But the soul has value,
And within you,
I have found;
An abundance of wealth.
But maybe;
I should trust my hunch,
Whether I succeed,
Or take a confidence punch.
So I’ll ask you out for breakfast,
Maybe lunch; Or even brunch.
But the only craving I hunger,
Is one that I cannot munch.
I’ve got a desire,
A love of burning passion.
My heart been yearning,
For a bigger ration.
I’ve got many poetic words,
I’ve been lookin’,
To put into action,
As long as my intensity,
Is what you’re matchin’,
Then these types of feelings,
Are something worth catchin’.
Can’t just stand still,
My feet need some traction,
I know you got,
Some of the pieces,
That I’ve been lackin’.
From my life,
The negative things,
Have been subtractin’,
And I’ve gained you,
In addition.
Am I crazy,
Or is this just,
A genie somewhere,
Must have heard my wishin’,
I didn’t have a pole,
But I still caught you fishin’,
All eyes on you,
Trapped within my vision.
I adore the way you look when,
You stare at me and listen,
I stare back;
And dream for one day,
To be kissin’ your lips,
Caressing your hips,
Sharing drinks,
And taking sips,
From each others,
Personality drips.
Open my mind,
Let you take a trip,
But my mental chamber,
Is a deep pit;
I’d hate to see you,
Lose your grip,
And slip;
Into insanity,
You might see,
The horror of Amityville,
Just know when I’m down,
There’s no extent,
To who I would kill,
For you;
Your wish is my command,
Even if that means,
Blood must spill.
I’ve been watching you,
Like the eyes in the hills.
I ain’t just;
Lustin’ thrills.
I’ll swallow you up,
Like a handful of pills,
Until I overdose,
Slip consciousness,
And go comatose.
Electricity sparks when,
We become close,
True love is the only thing,
That I could diagnose.
As sweet as glucose,
These feeling bulldoze,
Written in hieroglyphics,
For pharos;
Until we decompose,
Transcend to the realm,
Of souls & shadows,
We’re beyond this earth,
And the stars with,
The UFO’s.
My hopeless heart,
Can now grow,
Along with your rose,
In the flourished meadow,
Where lost love flows,
Once again.
Something pure,
No more shall I pretend,
Pieces of a shattered past,
May now remend,
Souls intertwined for eternity,
Now that’s a price,
I’m willing to spend.
Promise me;
Soulmates until the end?

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