Who am I?

I’m a girl as you see

I like writing, playing, and mostly being free

I have dark hair along with the eyes I’ve never liked

but something you’ll never know, are the secrets I keep inside.

I’m a combustion of air and water, so beautiful right?

Wrong, its a definitive line between everything and nothing.

My air holds the wisdom that travels forever

and my water is clear, but deep amounts of pain.

I’ve had a hard life, but lets not even go on that ride.

Phase after phase, just following my flow

Until that flow came shooting back at me.

Now what, is my only response.

I jump all the fucking time.

Two silver linings on both sides of my body, that are everything from straight.

Bouncing for 19 years between them both had only made me realize,

Right in the center, there’s an invisible track

Full of riches and treasures, but never knowing its real back.

Running into it again and again, and never wanting to go in.

Only when my two linings vanished, and all my walls were down,

I would run so far left into darkness, so far right into light,

The awful feeling was the same, utterly loneliness.

Until one day I opened that door in the center of my back,

And to my surprise, I found myself staring back.

So beautiful and breath taking, that it was hard to believe.

She grabbed my numb hand and told me I was okay.

You my dear, belong right here.

Being who I am, made me question what she was saying

I decided to run the big circle a few more times, until I became so lost all over again.

I was nothing but a pair or eyes and ears floating through void.

And I asked myself one bright sunny afternoon,

Who are you? My only response was from behind that door.

You are everything that feels like nothing

My poor air and water, I love you dearly.

Now and here I live in the golden strip running straight down the center of my spine,

And I am me, without a title or a sign.

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