What good is blood,
If they won’t bleed for ya?
They pretend they down,
But they got no need for ya.
Claim their presence,
They plant the seed for ya.
There’s their;
One good deed for ya.

Hey how you doing?
Don’t you fucking dare.
You can’t just;
Leave me behind,
Then come back around,
Like you was always there.
That’s a funny way,
Of showing someone,
That you care.
I ain’t so great these days,
Not that you’ve been aware.
But hell;
Did you even,
Consider to ask?
Is a concern,
For my well being,
That much of a task?
I’ve been basking,
In the fire water,
Having conversations,
With the flask.
Taught me;
To wear this mask.
I wear it well,
Exposing heaven,
In this realm of hell.
Look at you;
Slicker than gel,
Coming around only,
To show & tell,
Selfishness I can smell.
You use me;
To your benefit,
Ego is the nemesis,
According to my estimate,
Yours is quite venomous,
You think you the excrement,
You better refer back to genesis.
Family is love;
That’s word to the testament.
Hopes looking desolate,
The devil’s here, that’s evident,
The ends coming soon,
That’s definite.
Heart is the element,
The only thing that’s relevant,
In a world fought between,
The benevolent & malevolent.
Practice what you preach,
And be the end of it.

I’ve got strangers,
That show more support.
Whenever you do,
I bet it’s for sport.
You use kindness,
To extort the jury & court,
Feed them lies of all sorts,
These the bricks,
That build the fort,
Where you take cover.
Your intentions,
Elastic like rubber.
I used to keep my eyes,
Closed to slumber,
But now I’m awake like,
An indian in the cupboard.
Everybody wanna;
Hack my feelings up,
Like limbs of lumber.
My trust for you,
Went down the drain,
It can’t be saved,
By no plunger,
For too long you,
Disregarded the stress,
I’ve been under.
My emotions for you,
Have turned cold,
Because you left me,
Missing you;
Through the summer.
You can’t paint family,
With one certain color.
You don’t gotta be blood,
To be my brother.
When the storm hit,
It was my friends,
Who were there through,
The rain, lightning, & thunder.
To truly know my success,
You must first know my plunder.
So unless you know my brain,
So unless you know my pain,
The only way we’re connected,
Is through a family name.

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