To repeat the,
Same patterns.
Soul feelin’ like,
It’s from Saturn,
Means nothing,
When my ashes,
Are scattered,
The rest of me,
Broken; Beaten,
And battered.
I’ve got a tendency,
Or so I’ve gathered.
I fell to pieces,
And then I shattered.

Who is it,
That I see?
Reflections of me,
Or at least,
The person I’m,
Afraid to be.
I’ve got a tendency,
To pour up this Hennessy,
Sweet honey Tennessee,
Feelin’ like Kennedy,
Assassinated by my enemies.
Possessed by the energy,
Manipulation of chemistry,
Fed to the dogs like pedigree.
Surgical knives;
To examine me medically,
Brain unbalanced chemically.
I need another shot,
Of that remedy.
For this series of,
Unfortunate events,
Life written by Lemony.
Things can turn tragic,
Purposeful accident,
Like a pregnancy,
That got;
Aborted objectively,
These days;
No one’s got integrity,
We’re still searching,
For identity.
They’d probably,
Sever extremities,
For that chance to be,
Overnight celebrity.
Lock n load,
They got weaponry,
With no registry,
Screw the penalty,
Jail cells;
Open sesame,
To your penitentiary.
I’ve built mine,
From the ground up.
Loud noise;
Tried to ignore,
The sound but,
I felt instinct,
In my round gut,
Kept searching,
But I found what?
But I found what…?

Why do I,
Search & destroy,
Every form of happiness,
Maybe it’s because,
I’m painfully coy?
Everybody wanna,
Play with my mind,
Like it was a toy,
No one wants to care,
For this lonely boy.
At times;
It’s a bit too much,
I just wanna pull,
The emergency clutch,
Press the off button,
With one single touch,
But instead;
The world tells me,
To keep my;
Demons on hush,
Coldplay in my head,
With the blood to rush.
Fruity juice lush,
With one bite to gush,
Tainted flavors,
Turning my mind to mush.
Been getting love drunk,
Sippin’ on spiked punch.
Part of a different bunch,
A little bit hard to munch,
Rough around the edges,
But I bring the crunch.
No one has the teeth,
For my sweet,
And sensible mystique.
Quite unique;
But subconsciously,
Out of reach.
Attempting confidence,
Under mumbled speech,
Trying to be myself,
Despite the judgement,
They beseeched.
Might as well,
Make like James;
And move into,
A giant peach,
Set myself adrift,
Off into the ocean,
I’m drawn to the abyss.
Incomplete like swiss,
The one they dismiss,
Will I ever find bliss?
Will I ever find bliss…?

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