Gotta get explicit,
People these days,
Can’t admit it.
Take the truth &,
Acquit it.
OJ with the gloves,
Never could fit it.
Just ain’t on,
Their pivot.
The life you want,
Is self made,
That’s if you want,
One that’s exquisite.
Come chase this,
Higher conscience risen,
Or stay succumbed to,
That spiritual fission,
Cut by the incision,
Of division.
This imagination,
In dire need of,
An exorcism.
Don’t mind me,
I’m just in my,
Own mental prison.

Am I;
E.xplicit T.houghts,
E.xtra T.errestrial?
My soul somewhere,
In the celestial,
That’s what makes,
Me a differential.
I’ve given into my,
Existential calling.
They pray;
On my falling,
But as long,
As I got two legs,
F__k crawling.
All these cool cats,
Big balling,
Showing off but,
They just stalling.
They ain’t;
Got no purpose,
Their time;
Is ticking worthless,
Chasing funds,
That cold hard cash,
Just curses.
What’s a mind if,
It ain’t divine?
What’s a future,
Without a silver line?
What good’s a back,
If there ain’t no spine?
Who’s a friend if,
They ain’t watching,
Your six or nine?
In fact;
They’ll probably,
Flip on you for,
A nickel & dime.
Watch em’;
Get emotional,
And turn liquor,
Into whine.
On how they can,
Snake what’s mine.
Steal what you want,
That’s fine.
All I care about,
I already got.
Squeaky clean,
Is susceptible but,
You can’t corrupt,
An explicit thought.
Big babies;
Blowing bubbles,
Of snot;
I’m more than just,
Programmed robot,
Taking orders from,
Big wigs;
Calling the shots.
I call my own,
I build my home,
From broken bones,
Sticks & stones.
Is under attack,
Of the clones,
Big brother is,
Tapping phones.
You’re in the eye,
Of the drones,
Enemies open fire,
You’re left dripping,
Red in the streets,
Melted snow cone.
Turn back clocks,
Different time zone.
They been ignorant,
What’s been shown.
The odd one out,
I’ll keep wandering,
This path alone.

All these young kids,
Got ears for the beats.
They wanna play,
The game of life but,
Won’t lace up the cleats.
Running on repeat,
Tryna steer;
From the backseat.
Cowards pop clips,
For that ends meet.
They wanna break bread,
Won’t break a sweat.
Change is another,
Possible threat.
Every night you,
Don’t make it is,
A night;
You lie with regret.
Ain’t no button,
To press;
When you wanna reset.
Ain’t no easy way,
There is but,
Where’s that gonna get,
You at the end of the day?
Feet swinging in the grave,
Your innocence,
Into the rage.
Sunk deep into,
The concrete paved.
Heart beats,
So hard;
Got cracks in,
Your rib cage.
Negativity spreads,
Like bacteriophage.
Them true friends,
Be snitching your name,
On the report page.
I’d rather have,
Honest cash instead,
Of that illegal wage.
My soul been clean,
Don’t need no sage.
It wasn’t always,
But I put my mind,
To it;
And committed,
To change.
Realized that,
Seemed strange.
Fell into trouble,
And nothing ever,
Felt quite the same.
I was holding on,
To similar pain.
Depression was,
Building up;
Eating away at,
My brain.
But then I;
Found the light,
Allowed it into my life,
The moment,
I saw that it came.
You should do the same,
Not saying;
You should chain,
The wild beast,
But just learn how,
To keep it tame.

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