Love em,
Or leave em.
Never decieve em.
Don’t deny the ones,
Deserve their freedom.
The wrong piece,
Will never complete em.
Oozing with passion,
Unjust reasons.
Falling out of hope,
Every passing season.
The chills of truth,
So freezin’,
It’s in the air,
That I’m breathin’.
Fillin’ my lungs,
The moment,
Goes numb.
A look around,
Could not remember,
Where was I from?
By the things,
That been,
Tapping my drum.
And lust,
Has kept me,
Under thumb.
With five more sins,
Have yet to come.
My life’s feelin’ low,
I’m sippin’ on some,
Whiskey mixed,
With coke;
And a splash,
Of rum.
I get to;
Feeling like chum,
When I’m down,
In the slum.
Living off,
Of my;
Very last crumb.
For temptation’s,
Sweeter than the plum,
Every time.
And off the rhyme,
Tensions on the rise,
Dropping off the climb.
Into the bottomless pit,
That is;
My demise,
Look into these eyes.
Something wise,
Beyond the pain,
In my cries.
I’ve got a,
Love hate relationship,
With these highs,
I’m cutting ties.

Love em,
Or leave em,
Never retrieve em.
If they’re happy,
Leave em be,
If you see em.
With the flirtin’,
And teasin’;
If you’re unsure,
Of your reasons.
Don’t bother,
If you’re gonna,
Leave em with lesions,
Get their hopes up,
What’s lopsided,
Is even.
I mean really,
It’s demeanin’.
No matter,
Which way it’s seemin’,
They can see you’re schemin’.
But they still love you,
So they keep on dreamin’,
Of the days where,
They drive their children,
To day care.
So they’ll keep staring,
Into the days glare,
Hoping they can find,
Peace at night there,
Only to find themselves,
Within the nightmare.
Quite a fright of scare,
The bitter truth,
Is floating through the,
Unfiltered air; With 4 sides,
To every square,
Life is like winding stairs,
Never see the end til,
The symphony;
Sounds the snare.
Life never been fair,
To extend a beware.
But instead;
The lies keep you fed,
Like Krispy Kreme eclairs.
Love is rare; No one cares,
For the true symbol it bares.
Its reserved;
For he who prepares.
It must be found,
No one’s gonna tell you where.
To search is a challenge,
For those unwilling to dare.

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