You are;
Who you hang with.
You are who…
You are;
Who you hang with.
Hopefully that’s support,
He’s rollin’ up,
To give your spirit a lift.
True friendships a gift,
But the wrong one,
Could cause;
Your whole universe,
To shift.
First it start with,
That cig;
Bottle of buzz,
Upgrade to a spliff.
Pills all around,
How could you not,
Take a sniff?
They’re your friends,
They must care,
About your health.
When it all falls down,
Who’s really there to help?
You are who you hang with,
But lack that knowledge,
Of self.

I was there,
Once before.
I was there,
Once for sure.
Body, & spirit,
All at civil war,
With my knees,
To the floor,
And decayed,
Rotten to the core.
Attention whore,
Searching for,
My personal galore.
Standing on the shore,
With so called “friends”,
That I don’t speak with,
Me; Chilling at the party,
Was I myself? Hardly.
Conscious? Only partly..
I lost my mind,
Rolling up that parsley.
Laughing like Farley,
Idolizing Marley,
To separating lines,
With my;
Credit card fee’s.
Ego & Self;
Got that beef,
Like Hardee’s.
My life; My right,
To do as I please…
Grim reaper,
Pulling my sleeve,
Away from destiny.
Am I;
Doing these drugs,
Or are they doing me?
Am I in control,
Or too blind to see?
Is there more to life,
Than good dope &,
Friends encourage,
This tendency.
Escapism is,
The remedy but,
Mental dilution,
Only feeds the enemy.
The enemy;
Lies within my,
Inner energy.
This revelation,
Blew my mind,
Open wide;
Like Kennedy.
The truth is,
Complex chemistry.
How do you expect,
To understand,
When you rewired
Your brain chemically?
My memory,
Feels like I’m seventy,
The life I lived,
Was far from heavenly.
Theoretically speaking,
At some point,
This “high” will be peaking,
I can open my eyes now,
Or continue seeking…

Got an addiction,
But don’t even,
Wanna speak about it.
Can’t admit you feel,
Lost in the world without it.
Life seems hopeless,
When your world’s surrounded.
You can move though,
We’ve got roots,
But they ain’t grounded.
It’s you who;
Defines the ground,
That’s founded.
You sabotage yourself,
When your potential,
Is doubted.
You wanna be different,
You wanna start new,
You wanna be who,
The person who’s true,
The worst part is;
You do possess the clue,
Bad habits stick like glue.
Lack the direction,
So you follow trends.
Lack the navigation,
So you follow friends.
Grown adults,
Still playing pretend,
These are only,
My opinions to extend,
With hopes I have,
Some advice to lend,
Who am I to offend?
I’m not tryin’,
To condescend,
I’m just tryin’,
To be a REAL friend,
In hopes to keep you,
From meeting an early end.
Lemme know;
When you’re ready,
To start again,
We’ll make amends.

Just because;
Someone you love,
Takes a certain path,
Doesn’t mean you have to follow.
Especially when you know,
The choices that come with it,
Will turn you hollow.
Sometimes you’re better off alone,
Although it’s a tough thought to swallow.
Just know the work you put in today,
Will lead the way for a better tomorrow.

I’ve seen some friends,
Fall of the face of the map.
So I left them behind,
When I noticed they’ve been,
Broke down since the first lap.
We all know that,
Dangerous lifestyle,
Is nothing but a death trap.
You can let your mouth flap,
And preach that,
You’re a better man now,
When we all know,
That’s a load of crap.
I’m not perfect,
But I know when,
It’s time to move on.
I had to sober up,
Couldn’t spend my life,
With my mind always gone.
Drugs will deteriorate your brain,
If you do them too long.
What good is a theme song,
When you’ve been,
Singing all the words wrong?
I guess I gotta do this on my own,
I guess I’ll leave this planet,
That I call home.
Earth is just a place now,
Where zombies roam.
It hurts to watch the ones I love,
Standing still like garden gnomes,
Among dying flowers,
Counting hours hoping power,
Falls in their possession.
You can’t go anywhere until,
You learn your lessons.
Laziness is not an excuse,
For exemption.
I could keep talking but,
They never listen,
To the truth I mention.
Why waste your money,
On an intervention?
A near death experience is,
The best redemption.
I’ve traveled far away from,
Everything that holds me back.
I won’t give anyone the chance,
To counter attack.
Im willing to search for,
The happiness I want out of life,
Instead of resorting to the Prozac.
You want me by your side?
Not until you face these facts,
I’m not wasting my money on a ticket,
For a trainwreck that’s already off track.


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