Through my moods.
Within the booze,
Upon my fuse.
The colored hues,
Obstructed views.
Munchin’ for,
Expensive news.
Balancing between,
These sunny blues.

I fossilate,
I exalt the weight.
Who are you,
To commentate?
My common place,
Is to constantly feel,
Like a waste of space.
The wasted ace,
On a hand with no grace.
The pain rages on,
But there’s no expression,
Upon my face.
I mean;
What’s my mind state?
Promise me;
I’m not just fish bait.
I feel so alone,
Who dares participate?
Cut short;
The one they abbreviate,
Don’t ever underestimate,
The chemistry I carbonate.
Somehow you just nauseate,
In your presence I regurgitate,
The lies in which you fabricate,
Better watch your words,
They could cause you to asphyxiate.
Concentrate; It’s time to rehabilitate,
Side effects active when,
The medications I take accelerate.
Wait for the truth to coagulate,
Whatcha know about mental illness,
The mind creates? The mind intimidates,
Yourself; Easiest way to manipulate.
This right here;
Is psychology in reverse.
This right here;
Is when you’re birthed,
From the hearse.
Whatcha know about the curse?
Describe to me what,
You consider much worse.
If Lord is happiness,
Then why am I depressed,
Sittin’ in church?
Sticken with a disease,
That splits me into two,
But neither one comes first.
I got them demons,
That are unwilling to disperse.
Drowning in the oceans of evil,
I’m completely submersed.
Scratching the surface,
Reaching for air, I get used;
Like I was tupperware.
Bipolar moods,
At constant warfare,
Feel the cannons blare,
It’s a frightful scare.
A bit slightly impaired…
Not that you’ve been aware.

I flip like flop,
The tip I drop,
Time ticks,
So I sip the clock.
Drink the hours,
No soda pop.
I get beat;
Like hip-hop,
Trippin’ off that,
Isolated at home,
With a film to watch.
I’m like the ink splotch,
That you can’t analyze.
Cut to pieces by samurai’s,
Just trying to get a rise,
Out of lost & wandered eyes.
I burn in hell but still,
Freeze the ice.
One minute I’m nice,
Next I fall;
Into another crisis.
I don’t really like people,
Kinda why I;
Have a vice for devices.
The soothing sounds,
Of silence just entices,
But sacrifice;
Got them expensive prices.
Located somewhere between,
Enlightened & lifeless,
Yet I gave you the facts despite this.
I’m just making my way,
I’m just trying to get through the day,
I’m just living as I may,
I’m just buried like Pompeii.
I’m alone when I lay,
I’m bipolar & that’s okay,
I’m gonna find another way.

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