Times gonna change now,
Don’t be afraid now,
Times gonna change now,
Don’t be afraid now,
Don’t be afraid,
Cause times gonna…

You can deny it,
If you try it.
Got your old ways,
They’ll never pry it.
Cooking up,
Plots on the skillet,
Don’t matter,
Which way you fry it.
You can;
Speak your mind,
Or remain quiet,
A plane on course,
Is no good,
Without its pilot.
There’s an extension,
Just for you,
And they’re waiting,
On you to dial it.
You aren’t given an,
Opportunity just,
To defile it.
No one’s forcing,
You to conform,
The future’s free,
For you to style it,
However you like,
However you wish,
Just don’t rush.
Don’t mean to kill your buzz,
But who’s gonna give a f__k,
If no one does?
How are we gonna change if,
We’re still living the way we was?
Hmm; Are we this way cause’,
Deep down we rebel against,
The government & fuzz?
How does society exist,
Without trust?
How does one love,
Without lust?
When Self can’t,
Then Pride must.
It’s something,
We’ve all discussed.
Some made;
Broken promises,
Only to bust,
With the gust of,
A wind;
Future & past fuse,
That’s the only,
Way to blend my friend.
I hope God sends,
His blessings,
Just pray you get,
To confessing,
Got a messing of sins,
Periodically perplexing.
That envy for the next thing.
It’s just the right time,
To be investing,
Openly expressing,
The dirt buried,
Where your bones,
Were resting.

Gonna change me,
Reshape me,
Let a better version,
Replace me.
Gonna celebrate me,
Levitate me,
To a higher conscience,
That ain’t me.
Be what they said,
I can’t be;
Chill in places,
They can’t see,
But wanna be.
Look down;
With the Earth,
Under me.
Something better,
Was all that hungered me.
So I took the opportunity,
To plunder me,
Fantasies of vanity,
While juggling,
My love-hate relationship,
With humanity.
But I proceed to read,
The script of sanity,
Find how we lost track,
Of our tangency.
I mean this world,
Is the reason,
For my profanity.
Too long;
I’ve been their,
Most prized,
Across the aisles,
Pondering to the point,
I saw transparency,
That life don’t come,
With no guarantee.
Asked for awhile,
But no one;
Answered me.
Had to draw,
My own strategy.
Cause without,
A little bit of change,
Life ends tragically.

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