It’s that;
Universe roamer,
Outer space,
I got the soul,
Of a stoner,
Guess you can say,
That I am loner,
Still wandering,

I’m a;
Spiritual diffuser,
Borderline cruiser,
Personality abuser.
My past life,
As a user,
Probably also,
A false hand accuser.
The wrong crowd amuser,
Trying to find acceptance,
From choosers,
Who’s opinions,
Don’t mean nothin’.
They think I’m bluffin’,
They assume,
But got no time,
For discussin’.
Always rushin’,
To conclusions.
Constant changes,
Through cellular fusion.
Claim you walked,
In these shoes but,
Your presence was,
An illusion.

Got the bags packed,
Unfolded my future,
These Atlas maps.
Get these wheels,
Like blunt wraps.
Socially deprived,
Because my mind,
Been trapped,
In them phone apps.
I’ve just been,
Praying on kneecaps,
To regain my grasp,
On my memory,
It seems there’s,
Been a lapse,
Of judgement as,
It appears that,
Every single synapse,
Has collapsed,
Under the weight of,
This useless crap,
Rested in pieces,
On my epitaph,
I’m good with words,
Tis my craft,
Could really care less,
If you just sit & laugh,
At least I’m not stuck,
On the same,
Mundane path,
I swear this to,
The polygraph.
You sift;
With the remains,
As I walk away,
From the withering ash,
A fiery plane crash.
Life just wanna make,
You twist the grass.
Forget them thoughts,
That consistently harass.
I’m not alive to please you,
I’m alive to;
Give my grey matter,
Some mass,
Pick up the books,
Quit skippin’ class.
Watchin’ years pass,
Light speeds so fast,
Futures tappin’,
The other side of,
The glass.
Losing pace,
Gotta hit the gas,
There’s no escape,
That ain’t your,
Friend in the flask.
True friends,
Don’t wear a mask,
True friends,
Don’t play you,
For a sucker.
So now I’m just,
A lonely f__ker,
It’s better that way,
It’s better if this,
Is the way that I stay.
Gotta keep moving,
Don’t got the time to play.
I ain’t gonna waste,
My time today.

No matter what it do,
I’ll find my way through.
I promise;
No matter what it do,
I’ll find my way through.
I can walk;
This world alone,
Who says I need you?

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