A trippy hippy,
With a sippy cup.
From the pot of love,
Is it ever enough?
Packed up & moved on,
These days are feeling rough.
They want me to be tough,
Show em’ I got the stuff.
Flirting with disaster,
Lipstick still on my cuffs.
Can’t be out puffed.
Tryin’ to rise above,
Before I derail abrupt.
Gotta find clarity,
I’ve gotta learn to adjust.

With the hip hop,
His way to the tip top.
Broken hands,
But the clock still tick tock.
Could not accept me,
So I had to pick the lock.
Tell me;
Will you join,
On this peace walk?
I’m pourin’ out my heart,
So please talk.
Soul getting worn,
Like old socks.
I drift;
Somewhere outside,
The paradox,
So I replenish with,
That classic rock.
And sometimes that,
Sebastian Bach,
Or even 2pac.
Plus everything,
In between.
Used to get faded,
But I put down the lean,
My addictions,
Were starting to intervene.
My innocence,
Becoming unclean,
As the world around,
Casts shadows that,
Leave all hope unseen.
Livin’ in a society,
By the color green.
The rich stay rich,
While clinics remain,
Filled with fiends.
Drinking false freedom,
From canteens,
To escape these realities,
In search of better dreams.
We separate;
When really we’re,
All on the same team.
They just don’t understand,
Exactly what this life means.
You have every opportunity,
To fix or complicate things.
You have every chance,
To play dead or spread,
Your wings.
Check the source,
If you’re scrolling Bing.
In this digital age,
Internet is king.

Midwest boy,
Of the west coast.
Only place I’ve felt,
That I belong most.
If you find use in,
The poetry I post.
Is it my words,
That you hold close?
To tell my tales,
Without an overdose.
Been tired of,
Living comatose.
Fist fight between,
Me the host,
And this unholy ghost.
I just want my soul,
I just want control.
I wanna live,
Don’t wanna be,
Another number,
In the death toll.
No graves;
We just get holes.
Through thoughts,
As the time rolls.
With a view,
So conceptual.
Just wanna be,
I put in that effort,
Poetic rhymes,
Like fentanyl.
Therapy that’s been,
Keepin’ me from,
Drowning in the ethanol.
There’s no such thing,
As perfect;
Even the best will fall.
Even the strong will crawl,
There will;
Always be an obstacle,
Between you and,
That new thing you saw.
These materials,
Build the wall,
Separating us from,
Those who realize that,
It’s pointless to want it all.

Could it all be so simple,
One day?
Will these endless nights,
Ever find some sun rays?
In the starshine,
The universe aligns,
And I feel okay.
At least for now,
I think I’ve found,
My own way.

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