As my soul,
Lies bare naked,
I hold my,
Good heart sacred.
I keep my mouth shut,
Actions speak for,
Themselves; So what,
I dig at my flesh cuts,
Riding through the ruts,
Of the ifs, ands, & buts.
In this life we must,
Never discuss without trust.
Decipher what’s love,
What’s lust;
My faith forms rust.
Cold enough; To make,
Water pipes bust.
If I’m on the right path,
Then why does it feel,
So unjust;
Sick with disgust.

Open wide;
Take a magnified,
Look inside,
My ego’s pride,
Almost died,
I could never,
Run & hide.
Internally cried,
Bout’ my,
Life compromised.
Down sized,
By the ill wised,
Picked apart,
Then prophesized,
By delirious lies,
Far beyond,
What the eyes,
Can see.
What the truth,
Can be.
So naked & free,
Bound for the cause,
I’ll never flee,
Never pay the fee,
Maybe go somewhere,
Avid bout my tragedy.
Expending bullets,
Semi automatically,
Mind flips acrobatically.

Tightrope acrobatics,
Smoking herb,
Til I’m asthmatic,
Stripped butt naked,
Detoxing in the attic,
An addicts mental cabinet.
Tryna’ break the habit,
But Alice;
Told me chase the rabbit.
Friends packed the bowl,
And told me dab it.
Never done;
This before though,
So? Oh well;
Never thought it could,
Be worse than this hell.
A fate;
Even Nostradamus,
Couldn’t tell.
Wanna get a grant like Pell,
But won’t do what’s,
Necessary to expel what’s held,
Inside that mind’s,
Padded cell.
Into depths we dwell,
Running from the,
Scent that smells,
Of fear.
Not everything,
That appears is clear.
Not everything,
You hold dear is near,
The ones you love,
Slip out the rear,
Speeding off in fifth gear.
Then you’re left with,
Only tears;
For the next century,
Of years with peers,
That don’t give a damn,
About you;
They just love a good cheer.
Clapping for no reason,
Dancing through season,
Festering in lesions,
Watch em’;
Stand in allegiance,
To pledge;
For a hedgefund,
In the land where,
You can buy,
Just about anything,
With a hand gun.
To afraid to face death,
We’re always on the run.
Kinda like;
Incorrect pun.ctuation
Ignored the evacuation,
This is my assassination.
What even is this,
Don’t you know,
We’re all stuck,
In hibernation,
Bout defeating,
The Matrix,
But how;
Can you break out,
If you can’t,
Even face this?
Now you’re faithless,
To just get a facelift,
Than it is to,
Bring back that,
Smile vacant.
Mood adjacent,
Often complacent,
Ready for the switch,
Just in case it,
Tries to take & break it.
No longer will I,
Fake it.
Don’t wanna,
Live for that hatred.
You only die from,
The needle & thread,
Once the feeling,
Reaches your head.
You don’t know,
True life;
Until you’re dead,
And there’s nothing,
Left to be bled.

Everything in life,
Is beautiful…
Everything in life,
Is beautiful…
Everything in life,
Is beautiful…
Just gotta open,
Your eyes;
To the mystical…

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