Dim-wits be the,
Building blocks.
Staring into this,
Dim-lit media box,
Of subliminal plots,
Plastic thoughts.
With entertainment,
Your minds lock.
Frying my brain,
Keeping me sane,
Stoned like a rock.
The moment is now,
Forget the clock.
Tick; Tock,
Where did the time go?
Show me something,
I did not know.
No repetition,
Tired of the same,
Run down rendition.
Governments crooked,
I’ve got my suspicions.
Just another,
Term & condition.
Click now,
For a subscription.
Don’t let;
Suggestive thinking,
Be your permission.

Television taught me,
How to pour another drink.
Television told me,
I should like my pussy pink.
Television showed me,
How to make the weed stink.
All this media;
Is programming the way I think.
All of mankind,
Is operating in sync.
So wasted off the party,
We puking in the kitchen sink.
First we make a toast,
Then we make our glasses clink,
Living today;
With no promise for tomorrow,
Our generation on the brink.
Only way to have a good time,
Is to be fucked up & faded.
You can’t remember,
Half the times you celebrated,
You get aggravated,
If you’re not levitated,
Mentally emancipated,
From original thinking,
And so;
Begins the epidemic.
Overdoses in the street,
Someone call the medic,
Can’t handle your drugs?
Now that’s pathetic.
To survive;
You must remain kinetic.
Fix your face;
With that cosmetic,
Nothing is real anyways,
These days;
Everything is synthetic.
Think twice;
Every mistake you make,
Is magnetic;
In the end you,
May regret it.
So many solutions,
Should I list them alphabetic?
Nahh forget it,
Quit acting like your,
Follies are genetic.
It all starts with,
Now that is what you hear.
Music to your ears,
Pressure from your peers,
Been doing it for years,
You live for the cheers.
Fighting off the tears,
With a 24 pack of beers,
Do you see;
The turning of the gears?
Fuck it;
The end is near.
The future is unclear,
For all we know,
We could just disappear.
The truth is there,
But it’s never clear.
You say it’s out of your hands,
You’re in control of,
The wheel that you steer.
Just remember;
That objects in the,
Rearview mirror,
May be closer than,
They appear.

Can you spot,
Fake news?
Do you even,
Have the freedom,
To choose?
You see; The clues,
Are buried within,
All these biased views,
An internal war between,
To paint the blues.
This so called “news”,
Is mere entertainment,
Meant to amuse,
Or possibly even infuse,
The masses;
With information untrue,
Brought to you,
By your local news crew,
A station you can trust!
Now that we got your attention,
Listen to the hatred that we spew,
As we proceed to erase the residue.
Scripted lines carded into cue’s,
We speak to the many,
With the agenda of the few,
To sketch villains in the street,
Another bittersweet,
Story of a deadbeat packing heat,
Another sponsorship,
From your favorite celebrities,
Or athletes.
Promoting objects of desire,
To tempt your feeble minds into,
Trading your ends meet,
For an expensive receipt,
Because why not?
We all deserve a treat,
Every once in a while,
Let us redesign your style,
As we convince you that,
Your life is incomplete.
You’ll believe,
The internet & TV,
But when someone,
Uneducated speaks,
You simply chastise,
And turn the other cheek.
These people on the television,
Must know something,
Because they get paid every week,
Sorry to say it,
But your source is obsolete.
Giving you false image,
To stereotype a race.
Giving you false image,
To present evil with a certain face,
All hope & faith,
With an idea that,
The world you once loved,
Is now a disgrace.
Division of this nation,
Slows down the conscious pace,
Gives the “new world”,
A safe haven; A back brace.
The birth place of,
A corrupted mind state,
Let’s hate each other,
As we get distracted from,
The global paper chase,
Across the government database.
No movement;
Like a paper weight,
Gotta take action before,
They change our fate,
Gotta take action before,
It’s too late.
Will you choose truth,
Or click bait?
Propaganda got us,
In checkmate.
Get your mind straight,
Or play dumb;
And continue to participate,
The fuse is burning,
And life as we know it,
Is about to detonate.

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