You only love me,
When you’re sober.
Got your hands,
On me like Red Rover.
Left bruises all over,
Attacking my;
Weaknesses in exposure,
No silence; I need closure.
I’ve had it with,
The emotional bulldozer,
Called you;
One more finger,
And we’re through.

Stand up,
She was afraid.
Tell me;
Was it worth,
The trade?
That’s that,
Double sided blade.
No good for each other,
But at least we’re,
Getting laid.
Passionless lust,
Turns red hearts to spade.
You can fake the love at first,
But then feelings will fade.
The fact there’s no connection,
Doused the flames for aid.
He just doesn’t see her the same,
When life goes wrong,
She gets that blame.
With fists in aim,
He swings with no shame,
He swings to inflict pain,
Phase out his moods,
To ignore the rain.
God forbid;
He shows his heart,
But instead;
Masculinity is on the brain,
Sacrifice nothing in vain,
Narcissism running,
Through the veins,
That’s society’s stain.
He could not,
Sustain the change,
He feels you physically,
But his hearts estranged.
Mind rearranged,
A little out of whack in fact.
That’s why he attacks,
Because he knows,
You’ll never hit him back.
You’ll still love him tomorrow,
And the day after that.
Always available,
For that back hand smack,
When his blood boils,
Like a thermostat.
The logical thing would be,
To sit & chat;
But nowadays that,
Often requires a nightcap.
Often leads to that love tap,
Filling up on fake feelings,
To bridge the gap,
Can you not see the trap?
Everyday is a mystery,
Without the Christmas wrap.
He says;
Knock off that,
Conscious crap.
Give into the thought,
Of being a lonesome sap,
Glued to his lap,
Enduring the wrath.
Don’t you know one day,
You’re gonna snap?
Either his neck,
Or your back for that,
Everlasting dirt nap.
He’ll take everything you have,
There’s nothing left.
He only cares about,
What curves out,
Not what’s beating,
In your chest.
Those squishy,
Supple breasts,
Fear will;
Make you undress.
Sex gets you close,
But who says it’s blessed?
A gift once from God,
Now hexed,
You can get it from,
Just one text.
You give him all your love,
Yet you’re still perplexed,
At why;
He disconnects,
His emotions because,
If it wasn’t you,
Then some other,
Foolish girl would be next.
Don’t mind me,
I’m just trying to intersect.
Make you realize,
It’s not your fault for,
The hatred he projects.
It’s the lovers job,
To never hit but protect,
He does the reciprocal,
He flips the script,
On your ideology of,
The metaphysical.
Faking love,
With no unconditional.
How typical,
Of a “man”.
Coldness gotta seep,
From every gland.
But really he’s just a coward,
With full grown hands,
Self entitled rights,
To reprimand,
And still;
Not a single plan,
Feet planted,
But knows not,
Where he stands,
All he knows,
Is the patterns he chose.
You can change it,
Or let the record turn,
The way it goes.
Take the fists he throws,
Or finally tear down,
That already broken home,
Stone by stone.

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