Science suggests,
Through it’s,
Series of experiments,
And tests;
Performed on lab rats,
And pests;
That this world,
Cannot digest,
Anymore ignorance.
Implode from episodes,
Our genetic codes,
Vision unclear,
Like distorted videos.
Science has the answer,
But we just let,
The mystery grow,
And forget;
What history shows.
Tossed in the trash,
Are the facts disposed.
But truth;
Is artifacts exposed.
Got the question?
I bet science knows.

This is;
Chemistry in the making,
Hypothesis for the taking,
So heart breaking,
That people’s heads,
Still shaking.
Damage to this Earth,
Got the;
Tectonic plates quaking.
In the dough for easy baking,
These lives as something,
Worth the faking.
Everyone’s got an image,
Everyone’s got a gimmick,
Sometimes we think we’re not,
But we actually mimic personalities.
What your brain does chemically,
We see as a fallacy,
We’re too “perfect” for abnormalities.
Got a checklist for the casualties,
But actually it’s these,
Subjects we need to learn from,
No need to act like,
The uneducated are scum.
So what they get numb,
The liquor of rum?
Freedom states that,
There’s no rule of thumb,
We’re free too take or,
Pass out crumbs.
Trade oxygen for,
Unhealthy lungs.
In recognizable language,
Or babble in tongues.
Who here amongst,
The many;
Can save their pennies?
Who here amongst,
The many;
Can push away the Henny?
To some I’m an antagonist,
Probably won’t defend me.
Do you really believe,
That I am trying to be offending?
Truth comes from the heart,
These are only,
Observations I’m lending.
Live your life,
However you like,
If you’re down,
With pretending.
It’s only your time,
That’s expending,
A broken concept that,
Society’s been re-mending,
For centuries condemning,
Takes years of process,
For issues to start stemming.

Life is learned,
Through trial & error,
So go ahead & try,
If you dare.
It kills to care,
Life just ain’t fair,
For the ones,
With heart to spare.
It’s so hard to bare,
Often we forget,
That the universe,
Is right there.
It’s bigger than us,
We preach love,
Yet we seek lust.
Can’t fight temptation,
Feels like it’s a must.
Stuck in generations,
That lack trust,
We know too much,
To even discuss,
The real issue here.
Is it within,
The things you hear,
When H20 floods the tear?
Is that the presence of doubt,
That slowly draws near?
Don’t you know that scent,
Attracts fear?
Imprisoned for years,
By everything,
Holding you dear.
Ripping you;
Piece by piece,
Until you disappear,
Completely; We all know,
The truth discreetly,
Admit it or not but,
I won’t let ignorance,
Defeat me;
And neither should you.
Open your eye,
And you might just,
Spy a clue; Get stuck,
Like gum under shoe.
Present for God’s word,
But you’re asleep in the pew.
Think you already know,
Exactly what to do,
So you roll your way through,
But we’re all just swimming,
In this cultural stew.

It’s the only way,
Science explains,
The night & day.
How the sky can go,
From blue to grey,
Let the rain wash away,
These clouds of haze,
Over our brains,
They’re buried in graves.
Tell me;
What can time save,
When it does not exist?
False illusions,
Accessorized on the wrist,
Looking through the mist,
Do you know what God missed?
A potential pissed,
Dandelion in the wind,
Without a wish.
Wanna understand,
This world?
Science got the gist.

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