Just know,
You don’t have to go.
I’ll keep on chasing you,
Whichever way,
In the wind you blow.
And I know,
That it’s gonna,
Kill me;
But this pursuit,
Is what fulfills me.
You can stay,
Right here,
You don’t have,
To go my dear.
I could stare at you,
Blink away the years,
Trade my fears for tears,
All for you;
Just so you know,
That’s clear;
My promise is sincere.

My heart said stop,
I just wanted to talk,
But instead;
I watched you walk.
Yourself out the picture,
The only component,
That could complete,
The mixture.
My attic light burnt out,
A fixture; I find comfort,
Within the elixir.
Me & you were that,
Two in one like,
Shampoo conditioner.
Never felt a pain,
So sinister,
No blessings,
From the minister.
Seems I loved so much,
That it began to diminish her.
Let me just survive,
This heartache.
Feeling like a corpse,
Who’s come awake,
Any sign of future is,
Looking opaque,
Glass sitting on edge,
I’m bout to break.
In horror films that,
Steven King makes.
Or at least that’s,
How it feels when you’re,
Living in a screen play,
Of your mistakes.
The hollowed ground,
Beneath where I stand,
Shifts & shakes.
My whole world,
Crumbles & quakes.
I wanna swim,
But I’m anchored,
In lakes.
To pieces I’ve fallen,
Like snowflakes.

Frostbitten heart,
But I still burn,
Cause I don’t wanna learn.
Is right in front of you,
But you show no concern.
My whole existence,
Belongs in the urn,
But this is the life that,
We earn;
Everybody’s gotta,
Get their turn.
Feelings shift & squirm,
Similar to a stab wound.
I stitched back up,
My cocoon;
And blasted off,
To the moon,
This Earth;
Has no room,
For this baffoon,
In his doom,
To which;
He consumes,
And looms,
Within the gloom,
Or at least,
They assumed.
Within the sarcophagus,
My attention span zoomed,
But I still drift,
Within the emotionless,
Tide of your rift.
But I still sift,
Within the scattered,
Ashes of our kiss.
And I still miss,
That little blooming,
Piece of our bliss.
Why you gotta,
Go like this?
Don’t go;
We can take it slow.

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