My mind runs…
My mind runs,
Can I catch up?
In a world of pressure,
Squeezing me like ketchup.
So exhausted,
Man I’m fed up,
Thinkin’ about,
All the things that led up,
To this.
Treadmill belt turning,
I’m running towards bliss.
But my ankle,
Is still anchored,
Into the abyss.
If by;
The grace of,
Heaven I miss,
Then seal my casket,
With a kiss.
This life right here,
Will be my death wish.
Until I reach the finish,
I’ll keep running,
I’ll just keep on running…

Still on the track,
Life keeps switching the pace.
In times of trouble,
I keep switching my face,
To replace;
The moods killing,
My grace.
I want the “good” life,
Just a little taste.
Negative energy sticking,
To me like paste.
I’ve been crumbled up,
And tossed;
Into the waste basket.
Buried alive and;
Set ablaze in the casket.
Head pounding,
Continuously drowning,
Out the excessive,
Noise & racket.
For too long;
I kept my mouth,
Zipped up like a jacket.
Cold reality;
For the introvert.
When the attention builds,
It’s back to my shell,
That I revert.
I’ve been running,
Like errands;
Away from the hurt.
Avoiding that growth spurt,
Emotions deeper than the dirt,
Feeling like;
A worm that’s been unearthed.
My anger for humanity,
Is boiling in my blood and,
The veins about to burst.
Sippin’ holy water,
To quench my unrelenting thirst,
Strung out in this,
Discord that I’ve conversed.
Running for years,
Yet my progression,
Has been inert.
Fighting demons,
Through the inner,
Circles of my own hell,
Melting within the center,
Tossed into that lake of fire,
I’ve never been;
Much of a swimmer.
My last light shimmer,
Through a fading,
Ambiance glimmer.
Forks & knives,
They wanna feast,
My soul for dinner.
6 feet deep,
Beneath the surface,
Rolling in my grave,
Like a pinner.
Wooden stake in my heart,
Diggin out the splinters,
Times turned;
Colder than winter,
Now I’m frozen & bitter.
Forget that chitter chatter,
My thoughts pitter patter,
I analyze the blood splatter,
Of this murderous & evil world,
That we’ve been,
Dropped in the pot to simmer.
Went from saint to sinner,
Then sinner back to saint.
The pattern repeats,
As I keep;
Pretending to be,
Someone I ain’t.
Tales of a beginner,
Before a canvas,
With no knowledge,
Of how to paint.
Speaking truth,
That’d make;
The devil faint.

Let me be real,
With you for a sec.
My life ain’t perfect,
To be honest,
It’s quite a wreck.
Could never see it,
Although I had the,
Gadgets to inspect.
Corporate business,
Wants me to,
Break my neck,
For these stupid,
Paper checks.
Sucks when;
You’re a nice person,
Living in;
A world of disrespect.
But I’ve learned that,
You gotta rise above,
The cause & affect.
Never regret;
A failure because,
It can only possess,
A threat;
If you choose to let,
It make you upset.
Is just bad debt,
Shadowed behind,
The silhouette,
Tethered up,
Like an ethernet,
Of problems,
Winding the cassette.
I got so many thoughts,
Flying through my mind,
Like a soviet space cadet,
Driving me insane,
Like a grand sport corvette,
Skipping down the alphabet,
Of issues to the point that,
I feel like;
Playing russian roulette,
But I know I can’t,
Let the bullets sweat.
I can run;
But I’ll never,
Escape from this,
Wicked mindset,
Until I can break,
Down my pride,
And just accept,
The truths;
I can never forget.
I gotta stop running,
And face the facts,
I can make the change,
Or remain;
In the museum of wax.
Fear is a disease,
Comparable to anthrax.
But fear won’t win,
I’ll never let that,
Set me back.

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