Fake it;
If you wanna,
That’s your lie to live.
Kill your soul,
If you wanna,
That’s your life to give.
Feel it in your gut,
Like a shiv.
Trying so hard,
To impress like it’s,
Everybody else’s biz.
Tell me is,
That what it is?
Your life is YOURS,
Not hers or his.

Could I be so real,
That I am;
Possibly fake?
Your scrutiny is,
More than;
I can possibly take.
Frozen cold on,
The outside,
To distract myself,
From the ache.
The man I see,
In the mirror,
Is fading away,
Vision opaque.
In the fiery lake,
Boiled & baked.
For heaven’s sake,
Only dropping,
To my knees when,
The ground quakes,
& Shakes.
They tell me,
To fix my face.
They tell me,
To say my grace.
They tell me,
Stay ahead of the pace.
They tell me,
My dreams are,
Nothing but a waste..
Some feelings erased.
To my darkest space,
Cause’ I always get replaced.
How dare y’all ask me,
To be anything other than,
My very own man.
I’ve been given the mind,
To scan my problems,
I’m not a toddler,
I don’t need your hand.
Trapped in the hourglass,
Kicking around sand,
As an;
Outlet for my thoughts,
To finally disband.
Only to realize,
These thoughts never end,
That I’m stuck within,
This infinite timespan.
Holding the weight of,
A hundred grand.

Tired of;
Wearing this mask.
Tired of;
Searching for myself,
In the flask.
Tired of;
Being too afraid,
To ask;
Even more afraid,
To tell.
I let these,
Visions of hell,
Keep me overwhelmed.
Used the last of my sense,
At the wishing well.
But that’s the price we pay,
When our blind faith fell,
A twisted reality,
So swell.
Buy into our own,
Bull 💩 we sell.
A bottle of febreeze,
Won’t cover the smell.
Sleeping with sadness,
Ain’t the way to dwell.
Wanna scream but,
Vocal chords too slit,
To yell.
Demons creepin’,
Up on me;
Like splinter cell.
Hermit myself,
Into a hollowed shell.
Blind man;
Gotta read Braille,
For the truth,
He shall unveil,
The realness,
Held within;
That Holy Grail.
Some the hammer,
Some the nail,
Some are prisoners,
On the outside,
Some found freedom,
Sitting in jail.
Open yourself,
To clarity;
For clearer details.

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