Seems everything’s,
Going smooth.
Seems everything’s,
Falling back into,
The same old groove.
Been waiting too long,
It’s about time for me to,
Make a chess move.
Eyes on me;
I’ve got a long list of,
People to prove.
Looks like;
It’s time for a sabotage.

For me;
Things move forward,
Then just halt.
Always slippin’,
No salt.
Why take the fault,
When I can buy,
My liquor malt.
Progression feels,
Control-Alt; Deleted.
I had that fire,
But now it’s depleted,
Burned out,
My efforts secreted.
Stretched to the max,
Parameters exceeded.
I self sabotage,
Paint the portrait of,
This mirage;
Locked the truth,
In the garage,
And put back on,
The camoflage.
My life in collage,
With no picture frame.
Fear of freedom,
Keeps everything the same.
Familiar is better,
So I sabotage the game.
A drought of change,
To feed the flames,
With doubts & self blames,
That’s right you know the name.

You see my pain,
But do you see me?
My point of view,
From this mirror shows,
It’s entirety perfectly.
I know it’s in my eyes,
I know it’s in what I see,
I know it’s on my face,
I know it’s who I be.
It’s in the blood I bleed,
From the flesh,
To the inner seed,
Within the boundaries,
Of what’s eternity.
Certainly; You can feel,
What’s hurtin’ me,
I project it well,
Just without urgency.
But they never look,
They just shut the book,
Then they drop the line,
Like I ain’t;
Already hung from that hook.
Pisces on the grill,
Strip them gills & let em cook.
It gets as black as knight,
When you step to rook.
Kings in the back,
But he won’t be took,
You can try but,
He can’t be shook,
All he needs is,
Self sabotage to help.
He’s a man who can,
Do it for himself.
Got his poker face,
Through cards dealt.
Knows not what,
The heart felt,
Loves in the spoon,
He watch it melt,
Get tied off with the belt..
There goes his health.

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