The best things come,
With a bit of patience.
Even if your bones,
Feelin’ ancient.
I know you don’t,
Wanna have;
This conversation.
That keeps your,
Ego complacent.
A shadow realm,
To the vibes,
Left vacant.
There’s an emptiness,
In your mind,
In your heart & soul.
I promise it’s patience,
That pays the toll.
Til then just keep your,
Sense of self control,
And remain whole.

For the longest time,
I had quite;
The paralyzed mind.
Not even half way,
Through the climb,
And I found my,
Rope was inna bind.
Wanted to climb down,
Leave my journey behind.
But I couldn’t…
A voice inside,
Told me I shouldn’t.
Told me;
I had so much ahead,
You can give up,
But you should be,
Patient instead.
Pondered for a second,
As my thoughts sped,
Migraine in my head,
Makes me wanna be dead.
But I know deep down,
I’m too good for the lead,
It’s not my time for,
The deathbed.
Thread by thread,
I let all my sinful,
Skin shed;
And bled my poetry,
Swear this is some,
Of the deepest shit,
I’ve ever said.
I wanted to love,
Who I was;
So I changed,
Into who I am.
Told me to run,
So I ran.
I ran farther than,
My old habits,
Could expand.
Just a man,
Without a plan,
Who finally decided,
To give a damn.
Sacrificial lamb,
To my own,
Scams & faults,
The wrong path,
Like an occult.
Often at times,
My attention,
Would halt.
World surrounding,
Is triggered,
For full assault.
Stress in need of,
Then I realized,
That it was,
Finally time to be,
An adult;
Time to act my age.
My patience,
Always succumbed,
To rage;
Broke my wrist,
As I wrote to this page.
Blacked out;
And woke up in,
A mental cage.
Some months here,
And trained,
The cortex of my brain.
Learned I must accept,
Before I defeat pain,
Gotta know a little bit,
Of insanity;
To know you’re still sane,
Only way to find glory,
Is through shame.
This world,
Will tear you down,
Strip your name.
So show this world,
You can do the same.

Yin & Yang,
That be the force.
Yin & Yang,
That keeps,
Humanity on course.
Thirsty as a horse,
Running for the sport,
Pitching ideas,
That make your mind,
Twist & contort.
Shoot some stars,
Like that cloud,
Named oort.
Time jumped,
From port to port,
Drew the stick,
That’s short,
Fought my way,
From out the fort,
Without an escort.
Too pro-life;
To let my plans abort.
Used my magic & cunning,
To thwart;
Wretched schemes,
Like those of Lord Voldemort.
Maybe there’s still hope,
For this worrywart,
After all.

You may not be happy right now, but just know that the day will come when you can naturally smile again. Idk when, but it’s coming. Just be patient.

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