Let me grab my pad & pen,
Hold your breath & count to ten.
Exhale everything you’ve been holding in,
The therapy session is about to begin.

Do you mind if I lend an ear?
Give you guidance that,
You can hold near?
Are you comfortable in,
This atmosphere?
I can give you hope so that,
You may let go of all your fear.
I’m someone you can always trust,
Use me as needed when you must.
I can tell you’ve been,
Battling addictions & lust.
Withholding pressures,
Can lead to emotions so unjust.
That feeling in your head,
Thats bound to bust.
Eyes watered down,
They begin to rust.
Sanity slowly falling,
Out of clutch.
Drugs only cripple,
They’re not a crutch.
So numb;
That you’ve lost touch,
With reality;
It’s just a bit too much.
You lose balance,
When you start to rush.
No smile in sight,
Your confidence has,
Turned to mush.
Mouth doesn’t move,
But your mind,
Will never shush.
Feeling like life,
Will never be,
As smooth as plush.
Under the weight,
You begin to crush.
You’ve got;
So much to say,
But won’t bother to fuss.
I’m so sorry;
That’s how you feel.
But let me speak,
Something to you thats,
Very real.
We’re all bananas,
Sometimes we gotta peel.
You’re gonna pop,
If you don’t crack the seal.
We’re all dealt cards,
That’s the deal.
But an ace you need,
May be something that,
I could reveal.
Just provide some,
Food for thought,
And I’ll prep it into a meal.
You can let life,
Drive you insane or,
You could grab the wheel.
You can pray to God,
But don’t you ever kneel.
When time is lost,
There’s still time to steal.
When your hope is gone,
Just know;
All you need is time to heal.
When you’re left alone,
I’ll be your friend.
You can talk to me when,
You need to make amends.
The extent of what,
I can give all depends,
On the detailed info,
You care to lend.
Your secrets safe with me,
There’s no need to pretend.
You’re journey;
Has only just begun,
Trouble comes & goes,
But your life;
Doesn’t have to end.
Take my hand,
I told you once before,
I’m here to be your friend.
I’ll show you that,
It’s not to late to start again.

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