The gaslight..
The firefight..
Me to ashes,
All in spite..
Of your heart,
Dark as night..
To kill my love,
Blazing bright..
You know;
This ain’t right..
You know;
This ain’t right..

Fuck you;
And your riddles,
Been playing me,
Like I’m a fiddle.
Took my time,
And let it whittle.
All you do;
Is put me down,
And belittle,
You used to be,
So sweet;
Like a skittle.
Now you got me,
Playin’ monkey,
In the middle,
So take this middle,
Finger & shove it.
Made me feel so low,
Now I’m above it,
I’m solo;
And I honestly love it.
I’m not your,
Object to covet.
You manipulated me,
With your mind games.
Screwing with my,
Mind frame.
I don’t understand how,
You can do wrong,
And still flip the blame.
Feels like the love left,
Quicker than it came,
You said;
You wanted a lover,
But instead,
I was an animal,
You felt the need to tame.
Months on end,
My heart was stricken,
With pain;
To the point of,
Almost being driven,
Should impose,
Spiritual freedom,
But you kept me,
Tied to a chain,
Living in a miserable,
Eyes leaking like,
Busted water manes.
When I got the courage,
To break things off,
Your attitude;
Would start to change.
Forcing me to believe that,
My doubts are often strange.
You would apologize,
Only to blame your actions,
On my behavior.
Then you would act like,
I’m a helpless sinner,
In need of a savior.
You always had,
My head buzzing,
Like a pager.
Questioning reality,
Like I may be trapped,
Within a simulator.
You were good,
At putting thoughts,
In my mind;
You crafty commentator.
I trusted you,
You fuckin traitor.
I wish I could,
Just take an eraser,
To every memory,
That we share.
How can you destroy,
The ones;
You claim you care?
So selfish;
You’d probably,
Watch me suffocate,
As you breathe my air.
You kept me colorblind,
To the burning red,
Warning flare.
I saw the signs,
But it was just a glare.
Got me losing hair,
Like I wash;
My head with nair.
Pinned to this,
Cross I bare,
But the ride is over,
I’ve paid my fare.
When you’re lonely,
And alone;
Just know that,
I will no longer be there.
You only kept me around,
To box me in a square.
I have pity for you,
But I don’t have any,
Fucks to spare,
We’re so done I swear,
Doubt me;
I hope you dare,
I bet it’ll kill you,
When I;
Prove the contraire.
It’s such a relief,
When you can finally,
Wake up from a nightmare.
While you remain,
In the sorrows of your pain,
I’ll be off;
On my way to better things,

For those who don’t know,
“Gaslighting” is a type of relationship.
It’s a manipulation tactic,
Used by one partner to control.
It’s invokes the power of confusion,
Creating self doubt within the victim.
It’s stomping ground for such things as:
Narcissism, Dominance, And Blame Switch.
Most people don’t want to acknowledge,
That this is what is happening within,
Their relationship because,
They’ve been confused into delusion.
I encourage you to research “gaslighting”,
And see the signs for yourself,
No one deserves to be trapped in,
A wicked game of manipulation.

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