You only love me,
When you’re sober.
Got your hands,
On me like Red Rover.
Left bruises all over,
Attacking my;
Weaknesses in exposure,
No silence; I need closure.
I’ve had it with,
The emotional bulldozer,
Called you;
One more finger,
And we’re through.

All he did was love,
All she did was shove,
He just wanted her happiness,
But she wanted all of the above.
Some women get the glove,
Protection from suspicion because,
Most people don’t believe,
That they could draw first blood.
So she drags;
Him through the mud,
Plays victim in public,
And don’t even get a shrug.
Physical abuse,
Swept up under rug.
Does he drink?
So they’ll blame,
The chug,
When the truth,
Has nothing to do,
With his drink,
In the mug.
Men are always
At fault;
You create the idea,
That they always assault.
Sometimes this just,
Ain’t the case.
Can’t let statistics erase,
The face of a man,
Who’s spoken his grace.
But mankind needs a base,
For it’s common knowledge,
To take place;
Just like he takes,
Her nails to the face.
She cries; “You’re just,
A waste of space!”
No spine;
Just blood to taste,
Feels like;
She just kneed you,
Below the waist.
Always the toxic ones,
That you’ve chased.
The damage got,
You stuck like paste,
Within an endless,
But your hope for love,
Tells quite a different story.
Is it really dramatic enough,
To make it on Maury?
Maybe it’s really his fault,
That things get gory?
Assumption keeps this,
Man from his glory.
Behind his back cheating,
She doesn’t know he knows,
Beyond the curtains,
He’s weeping.
Heart shaped box,
Locked; & keeping,
Faith that;
There’s still a love,
Worth reaping.
Deep inside insecurity,
Is continuously sinking.
He’s been sitting there,
In that lonesome chair,
Over thinking;
Every situation & scenario,
Drowning out the silence,
With his stereo.
Watching her walk,
Out the door;
There she goes.
It ain’t fair,
Don’t cha’ know?
When he cares,
Too much;
The idea of pain,
Seems acceptable.
She knows,
He won’t strike her,
In the physical.
So she’s free,
To take advantage of,
This helpless individual,
Blinded by his heart.
He only loved her,
From the start,
But she took scissors,
And shedded him apart.
Smacked; Slapped,
& Punched.
Leave her or fight back,
But he just don’t have the guts,
Momma taught him,
To treat her with respect,
And ride through the ruts.
If you’re in love,
You’ll make it work,
No ifs, ands, or buts.
Women like to assume,
Guys love to chase sluts,
With promiscuous struts.
Don’t take for granted,
The rare opportunity when,
A good guy makes the cut.
Maybe he’s not,
Alpha dominant, so what?
Personally I think,
We stereotype too much.
Every man & woman,
Deserves a love to touch.
Feel like you’re worth more,
Than such;
A worthless clutch,
For her to command & hush.
You deserve to feel like,
You are enough.

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