Mankinds End

The end of all humanity
Such a sad tragic and awful pity
I could tell you that the end is nye
But you won’t even look me in the eye
You could care less if we all die
To say any less is an awful big lie

For its the end of all mankind
Too many people are far too blind
They care only for their job and money
Won’t even help the bees and their honey
Care more of the quality of visual effects
Cause a fake world is more fun then any insect

Oh its the end of morale, kindness and respect
But ill like you in a social media aspect
You avoid me by looking at your cellular phone
And you’ll view the world through the camera of your drone
God forbid you have any eyes of your own
And yet you wonder why we’re all alone

Its the end of love, passion and drive
Don’t want any adventure and to be alive
You could take that girl out to a lovely nice place
But you’d rather have her sit on your face
Oh its such a sad tragic and awful pity
For its the end of all humanity

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