Just a message

It’s times when you need the sun to shine and the birds to sing.

Where your silence turns the wind and the gentle breeze.

Remembering memories that smooth your soul

In a place where you never thought you’d climb out of the hole.

The caged feeling of a broken heart has many twists and turns but isn’t forgot.

Stitched together by the kisses from now, heals the many from the long lost fall.

Those green leaves and that cherry tree remind me that it’s the time to finally be.

Making it through the cracked and healing has brought its way back into feeling.

The clear blue ocean above our heads tells me that the beginning has come to its end.

The middle chapter in the dream called life has many ups and downs but it’s just a ride.

Enjoy this moment in happiness or pain because it’s better to live than fade.

We writers know how to survive holding on the invisible thing we call life.

Human experience is no game it’s a journey through hell to fight for our gain.

Survivors, I’m talking to you.

You have worth, beauty and magic too.

Shine little loves and let’s break through.

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