The dynamite,
Ragin’ all night,
Into sunlight,
Fuck it;
I’m down for,
The fight.
Despite the plight,
Of my oversight,
Rising to heights,
Much further,
Than lost kites.
With all this fire,
How can I,
Kick back &,
Enjoy the flight?

You can cage the rage,
But that don’t mean it’s,
Gonna phase;
At most you may graze,
A portion of the craze,
I’ve been living for dayz.
Got my;
Mind in a maze,
For something to amaze.
Heavens on the way,
Walking towards it with,
Hell in a hand basket.
Let me out!
My bloody finger tips,
Clawing this casket.
I’ve got some problems,
With rage;
Tbh, I’m about to,
Blow a gasket.
I pipe down,
Take my issues,
And mask it.
My behavior,
Has been a bit,
Stretched me out like,
I was elastic.
Burnt me up like,
I was a matchstick.
I need to learn how,
To channel this rage,
Into something fantastic.
Need to master this art,
So I can finally,
Master this heart,
Cause’ it consistently,
Falls apart.
I just need,
To factory restart,
Begin again,
Somewhere new.
Be exactly who,
I wanna be cause’,
I wanna be true.
I wanna be me,
So you can be you,
You can be anything,
You wanna be,
But you can’t be me too.

How do you think,
You’ll find closure,
You can’t even be sober?
In love with life,
But can’t wait for it,
To be over;
Towards one little thing,
That’s got you,
Enraged in exposure.
We both know,
You could be,
A better soldier.
Wisdom is gained,
As you grow older.
The flame gets hotter,
The more;
This world gets colder.
Nobody’s got a shoulder,
To lean on; So I’ll make,
Like Aerosmith & Dream On.
I’ll keep dreaming til,
The dream gone.
Die here just to respawn,
Shape up my brains & brawn’s,
From the bronze medal,
To the gold kettle,
Rager stompin’ on the gas pedal.
Heavy metal; Social rebel,
Bumping only bass, kill the treble.
Young grasshopper,
One day I’ll snatch the pebble.
But for now; I’mma ponder how,
To chill my soul & let my rage settle.

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