The ultimate sin,
Is hating your skin.
Never disrespect,
The genetics;
Of your kin.
You’re too thick,
Or too thin;
Use tattoo ink,
To represent,
The stories within.
Who you are,
Is the only thing,
That matters,
In the end.
Maybe they make,
You feel too brown,
Too black or too white,
Not really sure why,
We’re back on the topic,
Of racism again.
We must fight,
For our rights,
For ourselves,
Families & friends.
We’re all on this Earth,
And yet;
The Earth still spins.
These stereotypes,
Still exist because,
We let tradition set trends.
Passed through generations,
Among women & men.
We must stop this ourselves,
Instead of praying to God,
For an amen.
We must stand as one,
We shall fall as none,
No one’s perfect,
That’s the balance of,
Yang & Yin.
It’s either;
Divided we lose,
Together we win.
Remember that,
Loving yourself is,
Where happiness begins.

What’s the big deal,
With just seeing someone,
As equal?
We’re ignorantly speaking,
That genetics make,
A person evil.
Man; We’re just,
Everyday people,
Trying to see our sequel.
Looking out;
With our eyes on the peep hole.
Too afraid to engage,
There’s a cultural war,
Amidst the wage.
Blood fills the page,
As time burns the sage.
We’ve spent this,
Aquarian age trapped,
In the traditional cage,
With our irrational rage.
Truths so vague,
Like black plague.
Our governments,
The bad egg,
That keeps kicking,
Us in our broken leg.
And yet;
We plead & beg,
For the financial aid.
By race & class,
Until we further fade,
Deeper into this downgrade,
Of a world;
Clouded by shade,
And masquerade.
They try to mask our fate,
By changing the template,
To deny our entrance,
Past the pearled gates,
For those;
Who fit the face,
Of another racial nutcase,
With a handgun,
Probably tucked in the waist.
Cops are lawless,
And you wonder why,
They pull without haste?
Mistreated in America,
On pursuit;
Of that paper chase,
Running in the race,
Without a lace,
To keep them tied.
It’s the human way,
To get back up & try,
Even when they can,
Look you in the eye,
And cut your wings,
You attempt to fly.
Just keep your smile,
Even when you cry,
Humanity keeps,
The hope high,
The strongest soul,
Could never die.

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