Many levels,
It’s only up from here.
Many devils,
Tryna snatch the,
Wheel I steer.
Crash my course,
With fear;
Send pressure,
From my peers.
One thing;
That should be known,
I keep God near & dear.
Now get off the road,
I’m shifting gears.

I was once,
At a lower level,
I was once,
A prisoner to,
The devil.
Highway to hell,
Foot glued,
To the gas pedal.
God’s good word,
In my ears,
Could never settle.
I chose to be a rebel,
And defy his gifts.
I found my joy from,
Rolling up spliffs.
Slipped off the path,
To my future,
And fell inna time rift.
Family telling me,
Put down the drugs,
Mind your business,
I’m just tryin’ to,
Get a lift.
I put these xanax,
In lines to sniff.
I’ll be damned if,
You tell me that I,
Can’t get a whiff.
I was so foolish.
Outta my mind,
Brain droolish.
And acting ghoulish.
Thought I was,
Somewhat coolish.
This couldn’t have been,
Further from the truth.
Looking for excuse,
In a bottle of 80 proof.
Walking staggered,
And aloof.
No one could,
Take me serious,
Thought I was a goof.
Sanity out the roof,
My version;
Of standing out,
Appeared more like,
A chipped tooth.
Brought myself attention,
In the wrong ways.
Acting older;
Only decreases,
Your age.
Livin’ like I was,
Fully developed,
A repercussion,
To pay.
I was a slave,
To them old days.
I remember them,
With a distant gaze.
The past is the past,
Man; What a craze.
Good thing I changed,
Before my ashes blazed.
Bow my head,
Now I give praise.
My mind;
Made it out of,
That maze,
Called malaise.

I stack my cash,
I watch my ass,
I do;
What I must to,
Avoid the backlash.
Your ignorance,
Irritates me like a rash.
You wanna treat me,
Like trash?
Yet I see you,
Up in flames like,
A fiery car crash,
Exploded from gas.
I’m on the freeway,
And I’m driving past.
I’ve done my work,
And have done as,
I’ve been asked.
Now you’re mad,
I made the cast?
I won’t let laziness,
Keep me in last,
The futures coming,
Quite fast;
Like a virgins first time,
In the night to pass.
Take hold of your life,
Get a grasp!
Don’t be afraid,
To level up,
Even when you,
Think you’re not,
You are enough.
Show the world,
You ain’t a bluff.
Put down;
That toxic stuff,
All you need,
Is love;
In these times,
That’s rough.
Up your trust,
And level up.

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