All this money,
In my pocket,
Is just a fork,
In the socket.
Soaring high,
Like a rocket,
All this profit,
Dealing dope,
Time whittling,
Like soap.
All my friends,
Tried to give,
Me a rope;
But instead,
I hung around,
And let it choke.
The stress of selling,
Gonna give me a stroke,
Especially when,
The feds begin to poke,
Everything I built,
Will one day,
Tumble to the ground.
Listen now;
I can already hear,
The sound;
Of police sirens,
Having visions of,
Being cuffed & bound.
My future before my eyes,
Everyone I love,
Will have cut ties.
Devastated by,
The outcome of my life,
I can see my family cry,
While I’m behind bars.
In hindsight;
What good were these,
Flashy cars?
I’m burnt out like,
A dying star.
Along the way,
I’ve forgotten who,
My true friends are.
People only,
Liked me for drugs.
Times of trouble,
All I had was cash,
No hugs.
When they tried,
To tell me;
I’d just sit & shrug.
Bought me the most,
Luxurious rug,
But that’s all nice,
Until it gets pulled out,
From underneath.
The history of my mistakes,
I consistently repeat.
Ignoring all the lessons,
That it had to teach.
Tuned out my ears,
To the words it beseeched.
My greed for money,
Attached to me like a leech.
Because Scarface status,
Came so close in reach.
Every good empire must fall.
Mom & dad just declined,
My one & only call..
Other inmates,
Begin to intimidate,
Me from down the hall.
Now the only person,
I have left to talk to,
Is this damn wall.
I sit & sit;
Analyze every brick.
Why did I not listen?
Whys my skin so thick..?
The truth was in front of me,
A truth I did not pick,
In the end I just became,
A selfish prick.
Money is so evil..
For the way it made,
My brain tick.
Feeling like;
A candle without a wick.
Giving my fingers a lick,
Chasing these funds,
Became a form of sickness.
Wheeling & dealing,
To everyone;
Even the wrong witness.
Now this person,
Has exposed my business.
May just be a few years,
But this feels like a life sentence.
When I get out,
I’ll definitely have felonies.
I can’t do what I did,
Without having penalties.
Searching for jobs,
Only to get rejected.
I was once,
On top of the world,
Now only neglected,
By society;
Down the rabbit hole,
Heroin gets injected.
Back into the cycle I go,
When I should,
Have just reflected,
On my misfortune.
But instead;
I took it to the extreme,
Blew it out of proportion.
Placed myself inside this box,
Through mental contortion.
Became addicted,
To swindling money,
Out of misguided souls,
Through extortion.
I had it all;
But I had a lust,
For absorption.
When all I needed from,
This drug game was,
An abortion.
You call this dope?
I call this hell.
No wish;
Could ever get me,
Out of this well,
That I have fell.
It’s not cool to sell.
This is more than,
An anti drug campaign,
This is truth in a nutshell.

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