You make me melt,
Just like hot chocolate.
Got me flipping,
In my bed like an omelette.
I’m either sunny side up,
Scrambled in my conscience.
My mind’s;
Flyin’ around you like a comet.
I think I;
Might be in love,
To be honest.
I don’t mind writing you,
My limerick’s & sonnet’s.
You could runaway,
With my heart & pawn it.
Every time I think about you,
I get;
Lovesick & vomit.
You blow me away,
Like Hiroshima,
Following the atomic,
It was crazy at first,
But then things got calm..
You hold me,
Tight within your palm.
When you bury me alive,
Don’t forget to preserve,
My innocence,
Don’t forget to embalm.

A healthy mind,
That shits important,
But my heart;
Is hungry enough,
To absorb it.
Life is like chocolate,
Mixed & assorted.
Never know what you got,
Til your plans get aborted.
Time is money,
Could never afford it,
But love helped me,
Extort it.
How I met you,
I ain’t got a freakin clue.
We boiled alive in the pot,
To make lovers stew.
One thing led to another,
And the passion grew.
I don’t know much,
But I know that,
Me plus one equals you.
Look at what we’ve made,
We’ll live with love & peace,
Until we fade.
You cleaned me up,
Like cascade,
Peeled off my face,
As we left the masquerade.
Sweet thang;
Drank you up like lemonade.
Why would I think of,
Any other girl?
I ain’t about a downgrade.
When I got all the wealth I’d want,
Why would I make myself get underpaid?
Fears, lust, & decisions on my conscience,
Yet somehow you still outweighed,
Every available scenario.
Got my heart;
Singing out like a stereo,
From Texas to Ontario,
Playing with the variables.
I want the world to know,
So I’ll kick up the decibels.
Burst eardrums,
With levels unacceptable.
Show the population,
Pump up the decimals.
I’ll overdose your love,
Just like it was fentanyl.
I’ve never felt something,
So exceptional.
Other worldly,
You’re so extra terrestrial.
You got me wrapped up,
Like a tetherball.
I sit back;
Just to watch heaven fall,
To be with you,
I’d ignore heaven’s call.
In disbelief;
From what the angels saw,
The pain cuts deep,
But the emotions,
Never felt so raw,
And I love it.
Your touch;
Levitates me above it.
You got my mind,
Doing kick flips,
And pop-shuvits.
My greedy heart,
Harbors my sin to covet,
Your soul; Your flesh.
God damn babe,
You’ve made me,
Such a sloppy mess.
A fool for feelings,
You been;
Playin’ me like chess,
But I don’t mind,
I must confess.
Whether or not,
This story ends here,
I’ve enjoyed the quest.
Love is a sickness,
And I’ll let it infest.
Use my entire being,
As a place;
For it to lay it’s nest.
I’ll cuddle with it,
For eternal rest,
As it corrodes,
The heart that beats,
Within my chest.
All I’ve got,
Is time to invest.

One thought on “Lovesick…

  1. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!


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