Tanked with,
The vibe;
Fire me up,
I’m alive.
I keep that,
Engine in drive,
This journey,
Is pure suicide,
But either way I’m,
Destined to arrive.
Falling short of,
The other side,
I got the future,
In my mind’s eye,
I’m still terrified.

Green light go,
Time to start up,
The show.
Darker than,
Edgar Allen Poe,
Until you crack my mind,
That’s when,
You see me glow.
You gotta be,
So serious though?
Livin’ too fast,
Gotta take it slow,
That’s how you go,
From amateur to pro.
Reach into the twilight,
Happiness is not found,
In the comfort zone.
Fate is not accident prone,
Only company you need,
Is your own;
No shame in doing,
It alone.
They been;
Stepping me,
Like stone,
Wearing me,
To the bone.
I ain’t got no home,
But everywhere to roam.
People say they care but,
Won’t even dial the telephone.
Unless maybe it’s a telethon?
Things change,
When money’s involved,
It’s easier to carry on.
Or would you still be true.
Even when;
The camera’s gone?
When are we gonna stop,
Acting like showing love,
Is similar to a decathlon?

Gas, grass, or ass.
The limit;
Is speeding past,
Depleting fast.
Endless rainy days,
In this forecast,
This new day feels,
Same as the last.
Erase my light,
Shadows cast.
Into darkness,
I’ve passed;
To spark my fuel.
No longer will,
I be your mule.
Some useful tool,
To disrespect me,
Like the helpless,
Fool that I am,
Not cool.
Gotta dig to,
Find my inner jewel,
Some things,
You should know,
Lemme take you,
To school.
I come in peace,
No need to duel,
It’s only my soul,
That I wish to rule.
I’m both destructive,
And productive,
My brain erupted,
Into something,
I’ve been abducted,
Betrayed by,
Those I trusted.
I’m opposed,
And disgusted,
By this lack of justice.
Can we not discuss this?
Is everyone this naïve?
Get away;
Let me breathe,
Fire up my engine,
Watch me leave,
You with the sunset.
You neglect the respect,
I mix the knowledge,
With the tech,
Now I am the threat.
No guitar; Don’t fret,
Bounty huntin’,
Like Boba Fett,
Without regret,
Who better than me,
To represent,
The misunderstood?
I been too good for the bad,
I been too bad for the good.
Too insane for the sane,
Not scarred enough,
In the brain.
Molded from pain,
Writing in blood,
To script;
The fame & shame,
Of life’s wicked game.
Got a heart;
Too wild to tame,
They said;
I was too lame,
But who are they,
To slander my name?
Don’t you know,
We all the same?
Similar beginnings,
From which we came,
But I was banished to hell,
Then rose;
Baptized within the flames.
Picture me;
In the photo frames,
I found my peace,
While you remain,
Bound in the chains.
I keep my head up,
While your head hangs,
In the noose,
Of the misery you choose.

I’m soo;
They see the appearance,
But not the engine,
Reving underneath the hood.
Labeled a bad one,
But man I’m soo good.
I’ve got;
A heart of gold,
But it’s as fragile,
As wood.
I gotta speak up,
I know I should but,
It’s soo hard when,
I know I’m soo,

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