On edge;
A bit anxious,
On edge;
And quite dangerous.
Well spoken,
In a forgotten language,
Using my poetry,
To vanquish,
My post mortem anguish.
Doing myself damage,
Thinking my brain is stainless,
When the real fact is,
I’ve been living brainless,
Dumb, broke, & not so famous,
Such pity;
This lifestyle is shameless,
Misguided & aimless,
Credibility was nameless,
But nothing;
In this crazy world,
Is painless.

Old friend,
Seems that we,
Meet again.
Why play pretend,
When we can dwell,
On the very end?
That’s all that matters,
But everytime I try,
To envision the future,
I crack & shatter.
Could turn my,
Grey matter,
Into blood splatter,
If these days,
Keep getting sadder.
I get beat like batter,
Holding back secrets,
Feel my teeth chatter.
Dying to let it out,
Drowning all night,
While I twist & shout.
Me against the world,
I truly don’t think,
Anyone cares what,
I’m about.
No matter what,
I’ll always strive,
To survive.
Even the dead,
Can revive.
Sometimes though,
I’m shocked to,
Still be alive.
Ignition in drive,
The best I can hope,
Is to just arrive.
Engine sputtering,
The whole damn ride.
Promised safety,
But maybe that’s a lie.
Things just fall apart,
And sometimes,
We just never know why.
Living in a generation,
That wants to die.
Debating between science,
And heaven in the sky.
Holding my tears inside,
I want to but,
I just can’t seem to cry.
Leave Earth behind,
Spread these wings & fly.
But I just haven’t got,
The guts to try.
Too afraid of goodbye,
Afraid you’ll see,
Nothing when you,
Look into my eye.

Solid steel chains,
Bound my skin,
Bathe my soul in sin,
Patience spread thin,
About to win,
But I won’t dare,
Share this info,
With my kin.
I hate gin;
But I love whiskey.
Drink to remove caution,
Let life get a bit risky.
Sitting alone,
Wishing someone,
Anyone missed me.
But instead;
I remain sifting,
Through a pile of,
My own ashes.
Rose colored glasses,
With busted out lens.
Deeper than the bends.
Luxury says,
That I need a Benz.
Need bands to,
Keep friends.
I don’t want any?
None is plenty.
I mean;
All they do,
Is tempt me.
Drain me,
Until I’m empty.
Take what you want,
I ain’t got nothing left.
Cut me open and,
My heart from this chest.
Once upon a time,
Anxiety knocked and,
I allowed it to infest.
This ain’t easy to digest,
But I do it anyways,
Because it’s easier to accept,
A mess; Than to stand up,
And kill the real pest.
All I can do is try my best..
Idk about the rest.

You seem nervous,
Anxiety got your tongue?
Anxiety got you,
Hacking up a lung?
Drinking through dry heaves,
Just to have some fun?
Oh no;
Now you’re low on funds!
Setting like the sun,
Situations stickier than,
A melted honey bun,
Trapped in a heated car,
But the AC don’t run.
Couldn’t really think,
Of a better pun.
A normal life? Uhmm..
I’m too anxious to have one.

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