It’s all in the mind.
Mental Incarceration,
Neurological Divide.
Can’t find the balance,
My love & my pride,
So back to my head,
Is where I run & hide.
Leave me be,
This is where I wish,
To reside.
A place where,
The logistics of time,
Are ultimately defied.

It’s mind,
Over matter.
Split the vessels,
And watch em’ splatter.
Gave the world my heart,
On a silver lined platter.
How can I find heaven,
When God lifted up,
The only ladder?
The days drag on,
Feelings get sadder,
Mentality similar,
To the Mad Hatter,
Enough to dream,
But real enough to know,
These dreams may shatter.
Seeing red like,
The bull vs. The matador.
Oh look;
Another one of his,
Silly metaphors.
Dodging the questions,
What is my purpose here,
Even for??
Will I see the other side,
Or remain behind,
Another locked door?
I’ll get it next time,
Or so I swore.
Wasted once again,
As I wash up on the shore,
Of past events,
I’ve experienced before.
I know I’m,
Such a bore.
I’m rich within,
The pit of my core.
I wish to awaken,
My dreams but,
Sadly I believe they,
Continue to snore.
Into two separate,
Pieces I’m torn,
Bleeding like;
Fresh skin to thorn,
Explicit like porn,
You’re welcome,
Has been worn.
Holy water;
Shall I drown,
Or be reborn?
Shall I destruct,
Or return to form?
Wicked thoughts,
Fuel this storm,
Don’t try to save me,
I’m far beyond the norm.

You can mind your manners,
But don’t mind me.
I’m here for a good time,
Not a long time,
So why won’t you just,
Leave me be?
I’m up in smoke like,
The burning tree,
Filling lungs;
Of the young & free.
As I walk my journey,
With every step I wheeze,
Mind drifts in the breeze,
Swept up with,
The rest of the debris.
Seems my paranoia,
Went on a killing spree.
You & I make two,
My demons added,
Make thirty-three.
Got my scars,
You wanna see?
Doubt it;
No one cares,
To know about it.
Scream & shout it,
But I get shut down,
So instead I,
Just rerouted.
Skip the stones,
Across the lake,
Of what’s unknown.
And feelings faked,
Alone in the chamber,
Hung & staked,
Feelin’ like a pile,
Of broken bones,
Still awake;
I’ll just meltdown,
Until I break;
Cookin’ in the oven,
Metaphorically baked.
If it’s mind over matter,
Then I guess I’ll just,
Dream my fate.

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